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Are you expecting a baby soon but having a hard time envisioning just exactly HOW that baby is going to get out? Of course you know how babies are born... but you might be a little nervous, unsure of the process, and not sure how you feel about dealing with the pain, but also not a fan of the idea of a needle in your back... And your partner....? Your partner might be low key freaking out but not wanting to let you know... Does your partner have questions they're afraid to ask or wonder how they will be able to help you cope during labor? 

I can help you go from nervous and worried to Confident about birth. 

Would you like to walk away from birth feeling strong? Brave? Respected? Powerful? Autonomous

Do you want to
feel like a warrior

Then you're invited to join The Cave.... 

What will The Cave do for you? 

Get educated. Mama Bears in The Cave will have access to Little Bear's Online Childbirth Class and Online Breastfeeding Class.


Mothers will learn:

  • The physiology of Labor and Birth 

  • How to cope with contractions 

  • How to overcome worries/concerns/fears 

  • How to build a birth dream team 

  • How to make healthcare decisions during pregnancy and birth 

  • How to write a birth plan 

  • The myriad of choices, options, and rights women have in birth 

Find Support. Mama Bears can get one-on-one support to create a Birth Plan or navigate their concerns about birth and breastfeeding with Jaimie Zaki. But the love doesn't stop there! Mama Bears can connect with each other in the Little Bear Groups PLUS join the free Facebook community to connect! 

Process. After your birth we connect again to give you an opportunity to debrief your birth. Jaimie will help you process the good and the bad about your birth experience.

➾ Top Level membrs will receive a very special gift delivered to their doorstep!



Does this sound like a group you'd love to be a part of? Are you ready to wash away your fears and worries and get ready to Birth With Confidence?  

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