Birthing With Confidence 

Preparing for your birth with Jaimie Zaki


Prepare for birth from the comfort of your bedroom

Is this class right for me? 

Do you feel nervous about childbirth? 

Do you want to learn all of your options? 

Do you want to learn how to have meaningful conversations with your provider that will help ensure a more positive birth experience and healthier outcomes? 

Do you need to learn what the heck to expect from your body during labor? 

Do you want to learn from the comfort of home on your own time? 

Do you also what to connect with a community of other mothers? 

Do you want to bounce some thoughts off of a birth expert that is accessible to you instead of wading through Internet forums full of conflicting info? 



If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're cordially invited to join me this summer in  Birthing With Confidence!

This course is valued at over $451


Sign up today for just $145

What is included? 

You will have immediate access to self paced modules. Facebook Group Calls will begin July 15, 2020. 
Enrollment Closes July 14, 2020 @ 11:59:59PM EST

You'll Learn...
  • Stages of Labor 

  • Physiology of birth 

  • Changes in the body during labor 

  • How to time and monitor contractions 

  • What to expect immediately after birth 

  • How to make decisions in birth 

  • Options in Care Model (Midwifery vs Medical Models) 

  • Pain relief options 

  • Medication Options 

  • Newborn Care options 
    and so much more! 

  • Medical pain management options 

  • Hydrotherapy 

  • Position Changes 

  • Massage 
    and more!


"Jaimie's help was invaluable, I literally don't know what we would have done without her. She built us up, made us truly feel like I was so naturally capable..."

Are you ready to

birth with confidence, Mama Bear?

Meet Jaimie Zaki

Hey, Mama Bear! I'm Jaimie! I'm a doula, lactation consultant, and mother to three. 

  • Birth #1 was a cesarean 

  • Birth #2 was an epidural VBAC in the hospital

  • Birth #3 was an unmedicated homebirth of a 10 pound baby


During my birthing experiences I learned that *how* my baby is born isn't what matters, but rather that having support and feeling informed and involved in decision making created a more positive and healthy outcome for me and my baby. 

I don't want you walking into your baby's birth afraid or worried. I want you beaming with confidence. I hope to see you in the class and help you break down your worries and build up your voice. 

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