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If you're ready to wash away your anxieties about giving birth, breastfeeding, and becoming a mother,

Then, Mama, you're in the right place.

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There are three things you might not know about that can completely transform your births: The Three Pillars of Confidence in Childbirth:

  • Womanly Wisdom 

  • Self Advocacy 

  • Surrender



Does this sound like you? 

Are you scrolling google and Facebook all night for answers to pregnancy and birth questions, just to get conflicting information

Are you excited to tell your friends and family about your goal of a low intervention birth, just to feel unsupported and even mocked

Do you feel nervous discussing your birth plans with your doctor because they seem dismissive

Then you will benefit from learning the Three Pillars of Confidence in birth. 

 I'm here to tell you, that you don't have to navigate this alone. 


Before my first birth, I thought I was going into birth prepared, but I was wrong. 

Despite being a nurse and spending hours upon hours on research, I was completely unprepared for the curveballs that were thrown at the end of my pregnancy.


 I ended up hating the day my baby was born. 

The day that was supposed to be the best day of my life turned to the worst day of my life in an instant, and left me with such deep wounds, that I struggled to bond with my baby for months. 


I felt angry

I felt embarrassed

I felt pathetic

I felt stupid

I felt broken.


And I felt so terribly guilty for feeling this way.


The scariest part of it all, was I realized I wasn't the only one being totally traumatized by childbirth...

for absolutely no reason at all. 


I knew there had to be a better way. 


We deserved better. 


You deserve better. 

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It's time for you to take the first step toward a confidence in birth. 

Join me for a free seminar to learn more about cultivating the Three Pillars of Confidence to set the stage for you to have a better birth and more peaceful postpartum. 

You'll learn the the exact approach I used to have three empowering VBACs after my traumatic cesarean, and the same approach I take with all of my clients to prepare them for a better birth. 


When you finish this free seminar, you'll know exactly what you need to do next to start preparing for a more positive birth experience. 


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