Breastfeeding in public: To cover or Not to cover

If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably aware that last week I stood beside a mother as she took the brunt of social media backlash for posting online about a restaurant who requested she cover while breastfeeding and then proceeded to call her selfish for declining. We shared beautiful Breastfeeding Photos, staged a Nurse-in, chatted with the public about supporting breastfeeding mothers, and even got a smidge of air time as the media covered this woman's story. Nonetheless, on the semi-viral facebook post were responses in support and in disgust. We saw opinions from all across the spectrum. But it sparked a conversation that is important to have. Most of us know by now that a

Controversy: Breastfeeding in Public | What to do or say when you see a mother nursing in public

Lately the news has been littered with stories of breastfeeding mothers speaking out against establishments and organizations that have "shamed" them for feeding their babies in public. Despite all 50 states in the US and Federal Law supporting a mother's right to breastfeed in public, covered or not, without being considered indecent or a nuisance, the general public just doesn't seem to "get it". I could go on and on about the root issue here being patriarchal sexualization of breasts that is so deeply engrained into our society and morals that even women attack other women over this topic... but I will save that chat for another day. Instead, let's not focus on why you shouldn't

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