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Let me teach you how I replaced my fear and anxiety around birth & breastfeeding with unshakable confidence, and how you can too! 

Jaimie Zaki, IBCLC is a Catholic wife and mother who found her passion for supporting women through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding after the birth of her own first born. Jaimie's personal challenges revealed to her the faults in the system and encouraged her to leave her career as a nurse behind and instead focus on personalized support for mothers, to fill the cracks in the system. Jaimie has had the trifecta of birth experiences including cesarean, hospital VBAC with an epidural, and unmedicated homebirth of a 10lb baby. Jaimie has overcome many breastfeeding challenges of her own including tongue and lip ties, mastitis, clogged ducts, and more. Jaimie now dedicates her time to serving her family and serving mothers who need support as they grow their families. 

Jaimie offers virtual birth preparation classes, one to one birth planning support and consulting, prenatal breastfeeding consults and postpartum lactation consults all virtually.


Connect with Jaimie by emailing  

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