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Baby Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Support Hotline

Get breastfeeding help now! 

Breastfeeding Hotline Support includes sharing information on: 

  • Latching Techniques / Difficulties 

  • Breast Pumping Questions 

  • Questions about normal breastfeeding habits 

  • Questions about normal baby behaviors 

  • Managing Engorgement / Clogged Ducts 

  • Other Common Breastfeeding Questions 

This free consultation is limited to 15 minutes. It is possible that the nature of your question requires more than this free consult. In that situation Jaimie may suggest booking a telehealth consult. 

Breastfeeding Hotline is accepting text messages and calls 24/7. If your call is not answered immediately, Jaimie Zaki will reach out to reply within 12 hours. 

This is NOT an emergency medical advice line, if you or your baby have an emergency including but not limited to a severe allergic reaction, breathing difficulties, extreme pain, ongoing crying/inconsolable, fever, etc., please contact your personal health provider or call 911

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