Are you ready to reclaim control of your birth experience to create a sense of peace?

Are you excited to learn how to use the Three Pillars of Confidence to transform your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience... but what you really need is a more personalized guidance and support for you and your partner?

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Your birth experience matters. The problem is, no one cares about your birth experience as much as you do. That's why it is crucial for YOU to take control of your birth experience by ensuring you have a supportive team and that you are well informed and capable of expressing your concerns and decisions with confidence. 

The bad news is not everyone is born with great confidence and communication skills. Some of us are people pleasers who struggle with self advocacy no matter how well informed we are. Some of us are fierce but birth puts us outside of our comfort zone, letting fear and stress take over. 

The good news is you and your partner CAN learn the skills necessary to support your birth goals both physically and emotionally. 

From overcoming fear, to utilizing comfort measures and enhancing your self advocacy skills, I can teach you everything you need to know for a better birth experience. 

Birth With Confidence
Private Birth Coaching

will equip you with the tools you need for a birth that leaves you feeling confident, peaceful, and supported! 

✔️  Learn how to listen to your body, baby, and intuition to work with God's design for birth 

✔️ Make decisions you feel confident in and effectively communicate them with your birth team

✔️ Learn how to ask questions, even during stressful situations 

✔️ Reimagine the traditional birth plan, creating a birth road-map that actually improves your birth experience with personalized guidance and support to answer the difficult questions

✔️ Understand how to leverage your new knowledge of birth to find power in surrendering

✔️ Deep dive into your personal fears and your partner's fears to overcome the spirit of fear and find strength in the spirit of peace 

✔️ Prepare your partner with tools to provide physical and emotional support during your labor 

✔️ Connect with a birth expert to help you navigate tricky situations 


Imagine turning fear into power, strengthening your confidence, and reclaiming your birth experience.


Imagine welcoming your baby with an unwavering sense of confidence and peace, instead of anxiety and fear.  

Love the idea of a personalized approach as you prepare for VBAC? 



Schedule a FREE No-Obligation Call with me today to learn how I can help you feel confident and prepared for a peaceful VBAC experience!