Unfortunately, more and more hospitals are restricting doula access, and many are now even restricting access to birthing partners, forcing women to birth alone in the hospital with no support. I'll share a blog with my thoughts on this later. However, you still deserve support and you still deserve to be prepared. 

What is Little Bear offering to expecting families? 


I am currently in the process of creating a virtual support package portal in which you will receive digital information, handouts, resources, videos and more to prepare you for labor. Additionally, you will receive 2 online birth prep calls lasting up to 3 hours each. If you choose, I will support you through labor in your home until it is decided that you will go to the hospital at which point you will have unlimited phone, text, and video chat support during your labor. You will be entitled to 2 postpartum video calls for breastfeeding support, general questions, and birth processing. you will also be entitled to unlimited text/phone calls for support through 6 weeks postpartum. 

What protective measures in Little Bear taking during in person support? 




If you choose for me to come to your home, I will do the following to ensure your safety is protected as well as mine. 

  •  Jaimie Zaki will ask clients a series of questions to determine risk of illness & transmission 

  •  Jaimie Zaki will be up front and transparent about any potential COVID-19 symptoms she may be experiencing, and will decline in home support if she believes there is risk of contagiousness 

  •  Jaimie Zaki will wear fresh clothes, disinfect all items she brings into your home before and after visiting, and will utilize PPE including goggles, a mask, and gloves. 

  •  Jaimie Zaki will wash her hands upon entering your home, use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands as indicated during her stay and between glove changes. 

  •  Jaimie Zaki will change her clothes before leaving your home to reduce risk of transmitting the virus to others after being in your home. 

You are not alone.

Check out our various COVID Response Packages! 

  •  Prenatal Consulting a la carte

  •  Digital Doula 

  •  Hybrid Option 

  •  Home Birth Support 

A la Carte Prenatal Counseling/ Birth Plan Coaching 

2 Hour Video Consult to discuss attitude toward birth, birth plans, resources for maintaining your beautiful birth, etc. 


Digital Doula 

Access to online portal with pre-recorded coaching, birth planning guides, resources and much more! 

1 Prenatal Video Consult

1 Postpartum Video Consult. 

Non-urgent email support included. 

Access for up to 3 months.


Hybrid Doula 

Access to online portal with pre-recorded coaching, birth planning guides, resources, in person labor support if desired, breastfeeding support, postpartum support. 

2 Prenatal Video Consults

2 postpartum Video Consults

Email, Call, Text support throughout pregnancy, DURING LABOR in hospital, and through 6 weeks postpartum. 

Access to online portal up to 6 months


Little Bear Services, LLC will continue to support families who choose home birth in their homes with digital prenatal, and digital postpartum visits. If it is determined urgent hands-on breastfeeding support is required, home visits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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