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See a collection of our free breastfeeding educational materials and tutorials here

Breastfeeding Latch Techniques & Best Breastfeeding Positions

This page is a collection of resources created by Little Bear Lactation / Jaimie Zaki discussing topics like 

Good Latch vs. Bad Latch 

Managing Sore Nipples when breastfeeding 

Getting a proper breastfeeding latch 

What to do if breastfeeding hurts even with a good latch 

and more related content. 

Blog Posts on Latching, Positioning, and managing sore nipples

How to fix a painful latch when breastfeeding your newborn 

Best Breastfeeding Position for a better latch when breastfeeding your newborn 

Using a Nipple Shield to feed a baby who won't latch 

Six things you need to know before using a nipple shield 

Sore Nipples 

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