Do you feel nervous thinking of becoming a mother? 
Do you dream of a feeling confident and relaxed as you welcome your LittleBear?
Do you feel like the internet is full of confusing advice?


What if you could have a childbirth expert guide you through:

  • how to support your body during labor

  • how to advocate for yourself,

  • how to ensure you are confident walking into your baby's birth? 

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I'm Jaimie, and I'm here to help you take charge of your birth, say "see ya!" to the fear, and welcome your baby with the confidence of a fierce MamaBear!

 Unpack your ideas and emotions surrounding birth
✅ Learn how to work WITH your body to help your baby move down and out 

✅ Discover your options and Understand how to make decisions during pregnancy and birth 

✅ Learn how to build a team and birth plan to ensure you can birth with confidence!  

✅ Prepare for your birth from the comfort of your own couch when it's convenient for you 

✅ Include your birthing partner to help prepare him/her to be the support you will need 
Prepare to welcome your baby with confidence! 
  • Perceptions of Childbirth 

    • Learn how your experiences and understanding of childbirth can impact your birth experience ​

  • Anatomy of Childbirth ​

    • Learn exactly how your body will get that baby out of there, and learn what you can do to support this process ​

  • Progression of Labor ​

    • Learn how the average labor will progress, understand the stages of labor, and what to expect at each stage ​

  • Coping with Labor ​

    • Learn techniques for coping with each stage of labor emotionally and physically ​

  • Interventions & Decision Making ​

    • This is this longest module in the course. During this course you will learn all about the common interventions for birth, the benefits and risks of each, alternative options, and how to decide what’s right for you. Plus, you will learn self advocacy skills for having meaningful conversations with your care providers ​

  • Cesarean Section ​

    • Learn what to expect with a c-section. We will go over options for scheduled cesareans as well as talk about emergency cesarean situations ​​​

  • Writing Your Birth Plan ​

    • Put everything you have learned to work, and start creating your birth plan! 

  • What to Expect Postpartum 

    • Learn the basics of what life might look like postpartum and how you can support bonding and healing ​​

Module 3

  • Learn about your options during pregnancy and labor 

  • Learn how to advocate for your self 

  • Learn how to make decisions during birth 

  • Learn how to make a "birth plan" 

  • Learn skills for communicating with your birth team to make sure you feel respected during labor

Value: $75   


"Jaimie was a game-changer for my birth! ...She is a fierce advocate of knowledge and support... As an experienced birth doula myself, I can say confidently that she is one of the best. Thank you Jaimie for your unconditional support, patience, and love."  

Get to know Jaimie


A few fun facts about me... 

1. I love red wine floats - yes, that's right. Chocolate  or Vanilla ice cream in my Malbec 

2. I can't function if I don't start my day with coffee (or an herbal tea with coffee roast)... I hate admitting it but it's true.

3. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but summer is my favorite season... so sometimes I think I belong in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Now you know my quirks... let's talk about birth and babies.  


  • I'm a mom of 3 Little Bears (Soon to be 4), and wife to an Active Duty Airman

  • I've had a cesarean birth, hospital VBAC with an epidural, and unmedicated home birth 

  • I know the crazy emotions that come with all different kinds of birth experiences 

  • I understand the sacredness of the birth space, regardless of where that is or what that looks like

I know first hand why preparation and support is so dang important. With my firstborn, it felt like people were constantly chastising my parenting decisions - from criticizing my birth plan, to reminding me breastfeeding "might not work" people could not resist reminding me I was a "naive first time mom"

But that bullshit has to stop. You deserve to have someone on your team who supports your goals and will help you navigate through the myths, horror stories, and conflicting advice to figure out which way is up...  


In addition to being a birth doula, I'm also an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and motherhood photographer. I am dedicated to helping you write your story and tell your story.


At the end of the day, Mama Bear, I play many roles, but ultimately,

I'm here to serve you.