What is The Bear Cave? 

In the wild, Mama Bears know they are safe with their babies when they are in their cave. Likewise, the Bear Cave is meant to be a safe space where you can learn about your body and prepare for birth and breastfeeding. 

The Bear Cave has 3 membership levels. The base level gets each Mama Bear lifetime access to all of the Little Bear Confidence Building Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes...plus any classes that are added in the future! 

The mid-level membership gets each Mama Bear access to all classes PLUS access to the exclusive Bear Cave Group where Mama Bears can connect on a private platform, and where Jaimie will share deeper conversations about preparing physically, mentally, and logistically for welcoming your baby. 

Finally, the top level membership includes all of the above PLUS personal childbirth preparation with Jaimie! 

Will you join us? 

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Still have some questions? Good! You know I'm all about asking allllll the questions to make the right decision for you! 

Let's schedule your 30 minute consult to get those questions answered! 

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