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Was your last birth a cesarean that left you feeling physically and emotionally wounded? 
Do you dream of your next birth being an empowering vaginal birth that leaves you feeling proud, confident, brave, and strong? 


But maybe you feel nervous, isolated, and confused about what your options are for a VBAC birth. You're dreaming of feeling secure, safe, and confident as you walk into this birth, but you're not sure how to find that confidence.

Then theVBACpodcast is for YOU!

Listen to theVBACpodcast below, on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, or iHeartRadio!

JOIN ME ON theVBACpodcast!

Are you a mom who has had a VBAC? Maybe you planned a VBAC but had a CBAC, but had a positive experience implementing the Three Pillars of Confidence. Or maybe you're a perinatal wellness professional with insight to share for VBAC mamas! 

We'd love to share YOUR STORY and what you have to say on theVBACpodcast! If you'd like to be on the podcast, please submit the application below and Jaimie will reply within 7 business days to let you know if we'd like to feature your story and plan to get to know you better. 


Submit a video/audio message of your question for Jaimie to answer on the podcast! Please include your name, gestation (if pregnant), and question. Please keep question under 90 seconds if possible. 

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