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Nice to meet you!

My name is Jaimie and I am an Air Force wife, mom of two boys and one fur baby. I have always had a passion for the medical field and maternal healthcare. As a child I wanted to be an OB. As I experienced life, I decided I wanted to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. I began my journey working in Long Term Care as a CNA, became an LPN and worked in a variety of settings and never made it to maternity before deciding to become a stay at home mom. I became involved with La Leche League after the birth of my first child, and my passion for both birth and breastfeeding quickly grew. I am currently a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. I've completed a 90 hour lactation education program to prepare me to sit for the IBLCE exam in 2019, to reach my ultimate goal of becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). As a CBS, I can provide education and basic support for families. For any complex situations, I know when to refer out to an IBCLC. A CBS is NOT a Lactation Consultant. This term should be reserved for someone with the IBCLC credential. After reaching this goal, and once my children are older, I plan to pursue a doula certification, and work as a maternal support provider as I return to school and, ultimately, work toward becoming a Nurse Midwife.


"It is my goal to arm families with the information and support needed to reach their goals.."


In the meantime, it is my goal to arm families with the information and support needed to successfully reach their breastfeeding goals! Reaching your goals is such an empowering and beautiful experience, even when the journey is rocky. Motherhood itself is such an amazing, beautiful, and challenging road, and it is so important to have people on our side. To know we are not alone. To know we can do this and overcome each obstacle as many women before us have.

Please keep in mind that the information I provide is general, and usually directed toward the average, low risk family. There are exceptions to every rule, and every case is unique, and each dyad will have unique needs. If you are in one of these situations where you need specialized advice or care, I recommend you discuss your concerns and challenges with a local provider who can follow your case closely.

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