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Six Things You Need To Know Before Using a Nipple Shield

nipple shield newborn breastfeeding challenges sore nipples postpartum

Nipple shields…. the term sounds. Kind of like some medieval torture device. Back in the day they actually were made of metal and looked pretty scary. Today, nipple shields are a thin silicone cover for your nipple to aid with certain breastfeeding challenges. Many mothers, myself included, have found themselves relying on this nifty little device to help them reach their breastfeeding goals. Unfortunately, though, these tools aren’t always used correctly and can sabotage a mother’s attempts to reach her goals. This can lead to a mother doubting her body unnecessarily, and can even lead to concerns for baby regarding weight and nourishment.

It is so important to arm yourself with information before beginning your journey instead of scrambling for answers when your in the postpartum trenches, already gasping for air, and too tired to remember the questions you would have asked if you were at the top of your game. But of course, if you are in the trenches, about to wave your white flag, we’re here to help you.

I’ve collaborated with Kristeen over at Making Most to bring mamas the information they need and deserve!

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