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Breastfeeding, Birth, and Photography

You might have noticed some changes to my website. Since I have so much valuable content on the Little Bear Lactation Blog, I haven't changed my URL but Little Bear Lactation is now Little Bear Birth Services! What sparked this change? My passion in life is empowering women during this crucial phase in their lives. I like to empower women by providing accurate information, physical and emotional support, but also by documenting their experience so they can see their strength and look back on the beauty of this chapter, even if it doesn't feel so pretty right now. I am so excited to announce that I am now offering local Breastfeeding Classes to the Southern New Jersey region, have begun training as a Doula to provide labor support, and am also diving head first into newborn photography! Check out some of these absolute cuties I've been working with recently!

If you're in the New Jersey or Philadelphia area, go ahead over to my main website and register for my upcoming Healthy Start Breastfeeding 101 class, Click on over to my Photography Page and check out some more of my work. And as always, please feel free to use my contact form to ask questions!

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