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Why are doulas worth it?

I am so excited to finally be offering birth and postpartum doula support to South New Jersey families! As I look forward to holding the hands of blooming mothers, I can't help but think about the world we live in and the breakdown of community support. As I reflect, I feel stronger and stronger about the importance of educating and supporting mothers through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum stage. Regarding eduction.... I often get the question: "Why should I pay for a childbirth class or breastfeeding class when I can take the free hospital class?"

Well, we've all heard the phrase "you get what you pay for", right? Sadly, in this setting that phrase rings true. I am so thrilled that hospitals are making education a priority, but sadly, due to staffing, funding challenges and time constraints, these classes don't typically fully prepare families for everything that birth and new parenthood entails. How could 2 hours possibly cover everything? I talk with many new mothers and over and over I hear a familiar story... They "did everything you're supposed to to prepare" and then went on to experience curve balls that result in birth trauma and frustration. Sometimes these mothers share that they don't know what they could have done differently, and even think some of their challenges could have been prevented, but they have no idea how they could have been prevented. Many times the answer is twofold: education and support.

I say those words constantly... almost to the point they mean nothing anymore. But it's true.

EDUCATION that was provided for the family's benefit is paramount. Was the mother educated on all of her options? Or was she educated on the hospital's "policies"? There is a big difference here, and when you're a first time parent seeking answers from trusted resources, it's easy to be duped by the hope that you're getting all of the answers. Sadly, hospital classes often provide bias information, withhold certain research, and just don't have time to look at each family's individual needs and wishes, versus their standard process. Imagine a world where you have an unbiased, comprehensive education plan provided to you by someone who has only your best interest at heart. When you take a private childbirth class or breastfeeding class, you will have your personal concerns and questions directly addressed. In fact, when I teach a class, not only do I teach information, but I tailor it to your goals and desires and fears. My goal is to alleviate your stresses and help ensure you feel confident on this journey.

SUPPORT comes in many forms. First of all support can look like solid education. Support can be an OB or Midwife who shows you respect and has honest conversations with you, treating you as an individual, instead of a number on their to-do list. Support can be a spouse who takes the time to learn and research with you, asking questions and supporting your wishes for the birth of your child. Support can look like a friend or family member being there for you no questions asked. Support can be a mommy group that you lean on for support and advice in the early days of breastfeeding and mothering. Support can be the neighbor who brings a casserole over for your family so you have one less thing to worry about while healing and adjusting. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed to have this kind of support system. I have yet to meet a mother who had a supportive provider, partner, and family/friends to help with healing postpartum, who provided evidence based information to support any challenges the mother went through and who respects her decisions even if they are different from their own. I have yet to meet a mother who had every single puzzle piece perfectly lined up. They're out there. I know they are... I just haven't met them. So what can you do if you are one of these pregnant mothers, researching birth and motherhood and breastfeeding and feeling nervous about having the unique support you need? This is where doulas come in. We can share resources, information, be by your side when you need us, answer questions about what's normal and what's not, suggest ways to prepare for a smooth adjustment, provide education, help you advocate for yourself, support you with breastfeeding, help you process your birth experience, support your choices, help you nourish and rest your body, help you heal, help you advocate for your baby, for your family..... simply put we're here to help you grow into the role of Mother. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. Sometimes it is hard to find support. But that's what doulas are here for. We want to serve you. We want to support you. We want you to feel that no matter what goes right or wrong that you are safe to celebrate and mourn and grow into a Mama Bear the way that feels right to you.


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Jaimie is a proud mother and wife living in Pemberton, New Jersey. Jaimie serves the South Jersey, Central Jersey, and Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst communities providing prenatal education for breastfeeding, postpartum breastfeeding support, birth preparation, labor support, postpartum support and photography. Jaimie is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Student Doula with the Madriella Network, and former nurse. In the near future Jaimie hopes to add childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, and other services to support and educate growing families in New Jersey.


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