5 Tips for Reaching your Breastfeeding Goals!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

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Let's talk "Breastfeeding Success". What does it mean? To me, it means "reaching your own individual breastfeeding goals" no matter how big or small. Goals? I'm supposed to have breastfeeding goals?

Whether you think about it consciously or not, we all have "goals" for breastfeeding. Maybe you hope to breastfeed for 6 months. Maybe a year. Maybe til you child self-weans... Maybe you just hope to breastfeed until you go back to work. Or you just hope to breastfeed a little longer than you did last time. No matter what your breastfeeding goals are, these 5 tips will help you CRUSH your breastfeeding goals!

1. Learn about breastfeeding during pregnancy (Check out this amazing book I call the "Breastfeeding Bible") 2. Breastfeeding Friendly Birth Facility & Provider

3. Make the most of the golden hour/skin to skin

4. Build a support network

5. Take one day at a time If you're looking for a comprehensive Breastfeeding class to dive deeper into reaching your goals, look no further than Little Bear! Breastfeeding 101 is the best quick, convenient, and informative course to help you and your partner prepare for welcoming your baby! Check out other childbirth preparation and breastfeeding support services offered at www.littlebearlactation.com/birth

Jaimie Zaki, owner of Little Bear Services, LLC is a Birth Photographer, Labor Doula, & IBCLC serving families in South Jersey and Central New Jersey. Mother of three, military wife, and lover of coffee, Jaimie enthusiastically supports hospital and home births in Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Atlantic County, Ocean County in New Jersey. If you reside outside of this service area, there are online courses and virtual support packages available! Jaimie is excited to serve your family! Learn more about Jaimie and the services she offers now!

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