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Best Podcasts for Pregnant Women Planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

When I was planning my VBAC births, I loved listening to podcasts. Listening to podcasts helped introduce me to new ideas and concepts, understand birth on a deeper level, hear inspiring VBAC stories, and feel more confident in my ability to achieve my Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Even after having a successful VBAC, listening to these podcasts helped me achieve confidence in my decision to plan a home birth, and my ability to surrender to God's will for my birth. Some of these podcasts were around back then, and others are newer, but have the "it factor" that I believe will help you feel better going into your VBAC. One of the most popular VBAC-specific podcasts is The VBAC Link. They do a great job of teaching women about their options as they plan a VBAC, and highlighting all different kinds of birth after cesarean stories! The Freebirth Podcast was one of my favorites to listen to as I prepared for my home birth. While I did feel some of the stories were extreme, and I didn't connect with everything they shared, it was very inspiring to hear of women who "broke the rules" and were better for it.

Evidence Based Birth Podcast was a great resource for me back in the day as well! I'll admit I haven't listened to newer episodes, so I can't speak much on recent material, but I loved learning the science perspective! This podcast taught me how to critically think and challenge the "standard practice" narratives that many providers would reiterate. I believe strongly that information helps us to become stronger self-advocates, so this podcast was always at the top of my "must listen to" list during pregnancy.

One of my favorite "newer" podcasts (aka born AFTER my earlier VBACs) is the Homebirth After Cesarean Podcast! As a homebirth mama, I know how stressful planning an HBAC can be, even if you have full faith in your body and birth. I believe that hearing these inspiring and raw home birth stories is so powerful for connecting with your inner womanly wisdom! I'm also a bit partial to this one because I've shared my own Cesarean, VBAC, and HBAC stories here! And last but certainly not least, there's a brand spanking new podcast on the streettsssss specifically for VBAC mamas..... and that's mine! I'm so excited to bring theVBACPodcast to you! On the VBAC podcast, we're going to share the **truth** about VBAC, we're going to bust myths, learn how to overcome fears surrounding the risks, connect with our inner womanly wisdom, and learn the freedom in surrender. Make sure to go check 'em out and decide which one is your favorite!

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I am an LPN, doula, IBCLC, mom of 4, 3x VBAC mama, and the host of theVBACpodcast where my mission is to inform and inspire mothers to cultivate confidence for a positive and peaceful VBAC experience. The VBAC podcast will explore common VBAC myths, answer common VBAC questions, offer tips for improving the chances of achieving your VBAC, and share inspiring VBAC birth stories. If you're ready for a better birth after cesarean, come join us on theVBACpodcast! Be sure to "follow" the podcast and leave a review if you like what you hear!

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