Birth Plan with Baby #4

Hello, MamaBears!

Did you hear...? I'm pregnant!!!

I decided that I really want to share this pregnancy journey with you all. This can be a hard time to be pregnant. Many people are either physically or emotionally (or both!) isolated right now, and being pregnant adds an extra level of stress to that. It can be so important for us to connect with each other so, I want to make sure that I'm sharing my pregnancy ups and downs with you and I would love to hear YOUR stories! This will be our fourth living BabyBear, God-willing. And no, this was not planned by us. But apparently it was planned by God! So here we are... It took a while to get used to the idea that we will have another baby... the idea that I get to go through another pregnancy right now. The idea that I was sick 24/7 with three other small kids running around...

Anyone else text their midwife like this?

But now I'm starting to feel a little better, and I decided sharing this journey would be good for me and for you. So... Let's answer the FAQs I've been getting! My constant sickness began to subside around 12 weeks. But in came hip pain and difficulty sleeping.... But last night I tried a new remedy for that that really seemed to help! Magnesium Glyconate + Tart Cherry Juice at bed time. Slept. Like. A. Baby! I am planning a very hands off pregnancy and birth. We're planning another home birth at this point. If that blows up in my face I'll be disappointed but I do also feel that pregnancy and birth are an exercise in submitting to God. If His will is that I end up in a hospital for one reason or another, I will find peace in knowing that 1. I did everything in my power to have a healthy, safe birth and 2. Every experience teaches a lesson and is an opportunity for growth. Even the crappy ones.

I am due end of April, but I'm not really keeping track of "weeks" at this point. I keep telling people I'm not close enough to the end to care. I'm way too busy to keep track of weeks, and I'm okay with that.

We're not finding out the sex until baby is born. Many of my friends are annoyed by this but oh well! I will say we are hoping for another girl. No. I'm not ashamed to admit it. We have two boys, and Amelia could use a sister. In fact, I think she needs one to set her straight. I can't imagine not having a sister and I pray God blesses her with one as well. Of course if it's another boy we will be so grateful, and I just hope his temperament is a little calmer than the older two! HAHAH

If this baby follows the 1 pound pattern each of my others followed, he./she will be over 11 pounds. Yes, I'm nervous. No, I'm not scared.

My pelvic floor is SHOT. I have diastasis recti and I am wearing diapers 90% of the time because I pee myself way too often. I NEED to take my own advice and see a pelvic floor therapist. But I'm scared... of what? I don't really know... I just can't bring myself to do it... If anyone knows of a VIRTUAL PFPT (is that even possible?) let me know because I would be much more comfortable with that (plus it's way more logistically possible... Who can go to appointments with three kids?) I've started feeling the baby move this week!!!! Actually, I think I was feeling movement a while ago, but wasn't sure. Now I'm certain it IS the wittle bebe. The earliest I felt the others was around 17 weeks so we're right on track there. I'm not really having specific cravings. I'm either repulsed by food or not. I do go through phases though. I often crave red wine. What a mind fuck. I also crave Filet Oscar... so basically a filet mignon with lump crab meat and bernaise sauce.... This baby has some bougie taste let me tell you!!! I'll also happily take cream cheese anything... cream cheese and bagels, cream cheese and soft pretzels, cream cheese and salsa with chips. Yes. Please. And I often make my husband cook me scrambled eggs with cheese at 10pm. I'm glad he loves me...

We're not doing a nursery. We'll be moving when the baby is itty bitty and our kids are usually in our bed almost full time until around 10 months anyway, so I have plenty of time... I really just feel like nurseries are a waste of time and money if I'm being honest #fourthtimemom Yes, I plan to keep working. But I am dialing it back some... I am currently on call and will be taking a February due date birth, but other than that, I will be doing a few in-person lactation consults here and there, virtual lactation support, and virtual prenatal support. I am also offering on-demand breastfeeding classes and support packages. I want to have as much time to chill and enjoy this pregnancy (which will hopefully be my last) as I can, and prepare our house for moving to TEXAS. But I can't stop serving my MamaBears, so I'm still here for you. So this is a whole lot of boring stuff because honestly, the best pregnancy is an uneventful one... But I want to hear about YOUR pregnancy! How far along are you? What fears do you have? What are you craving? What are you looking forward to? Are you writing a birth plan? Wanna share it? Have any questions about pregnancy or birth? Comment below or email me!

Jaimie Zaki is a Birth Doula, IBCLC, Birth Photographer, former nurse, mom, and Air Force wife (and not in that order!) Jaimie helps moms birth and breastfeed confidently! Jaimie has been featured in multiple publications including BabyGaga, WhatToExpect, and healthline. Jaimie is excited to support you through your pregnancy. Make sure to check out LittleBearBirth on youtube for more pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding tips! If you have any questions for Jaimie, make sure to submit them by email at!

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