Brand new resources for women in their childbearing year.

As you've probably noticed there is a LOT going on over here at LittleBear. This summer we've introduced The Bear Cave, the Confident Mama Bears facebook group, and many other exciting new resources and services for women preparing to give birth. From virtual doula support to in home lactation support, Little Bear is trying to serve you where you need it. But one thing I keep hearing from my clients is questions about "best diaper creams", herbal teas, safe, clean products for baby, and more... So I decided to go a step further and introduce The MomShop. The MomShop is a collection of products highly recommended by me, Jaimie Zaki. While I'm not selling these products to you directly, purchases from the MomShop will make it possible for me to continue to create free content for you. While a small percentage of your purchase will benefit Little Bear, you will not experience any additional fees or charges by shopping through Little Bear. Help me continue to serve women who are looking for confidence by purchasing your EarthMama products through the MomShop.

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