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Is it really possible to have a positive birth experience?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you're pregnant and starting to think about your birth plans, you've probably been told some horror stories by "well meaning" friends and family. They might say things like, "there's no trophy for not using drugs", or "don't make a birth plan, it'll go wrong anyway". Others might say you'll be SCREAMING for the epidural so you might as well take it early. After hearing so many horror stories about birth, you might be wondering if it is really possible to have a positive birth experience. You've seen videos and photos of women ecstatically catching their own baby, but part of you feel like there is no way that can be real. Even if it is, it's rare. What are the odds YOU can achieve a positive birth?

I'm here to tell you that you can, indeed, cultivate a positive birth experience.

Hey I'm Jaimie mom of four, military wife, doula, and iBCLC here to help you birth with confidence learn more about free online birth preparation course

Positive birth experiences do not happen by chance or by accident or by pure luck, they happen for women who are confident that they can, in fact have a positive birth experience.

Not all birth experiences are positive. Let's just admit that right now. But the majority of difficult birth experiences aren't because of bad luck, they're because of bad planning and preparation. Either a member of the birth team didn't do their job right, or mom was cornered into a fear cycle, and she wasn't shown the respect she deserved.

First, I want you to dream of your ideal, perfect birth. Right now. Close your eyes and think about who is there. Where are you? What do you hear? What do you see? How do you feel? Do you feel safe? Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel strong? Excited?

Let me tell you a secret... It is possible to feel that way during birth! Birth does NOT have to be scary!

See, there are three secrets to creating a positive birth experience, and they're not really all that hard. If you're hoping to have an empowering birth, click the "Learn More" button below to access a Birth Mindset Course that will teach you the three key elements to a positive birth experience.

Pregnant woman holds belly text overlay birth with confidence mini course get ready to welcome your baby confidently with free online childbirth class

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