Should I take an online childbirth or breastfeeding class?

As I write this, we're about 6 months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and mothers across the country are feeling anxious about giving birth as they don't know what to expect. It's hard to know what to expect tomorrow, right now, let alone months from now. But some things never change. Your body still works the same way to give birth. You still have options and rights surrounding your care. Mothers still feel nervous, Parents still need support. So while we have such little control over anything, now is more important than ever to take a good childbirth preparation class. An online childbirth class is a great way to take your class at YOUR convenience! In Birthing With Confidence you will learn: • Medical Terminology you might hear in Labor & Delivery

• How labor progresses

• What changes to expect in your body leading up to and during labor

• How to monitor contractions

• Laboring Positions to facilitate physiological birth

• Tools for unmedicated births

• Coping mechanisms and comfort measures

• How to make decisions during pregnancy and birth

• How to write a useful birth plan

• How to wash away labor nerves and anxiety

• How to advocate for yourself and your baby ....and more! Okay, Jaimie, you've convinced me that this birth class might be useful, but I'm not so sure I need to take a breastfeeding class... I mean it'll just come naturally, right?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, Mama Bear... but even though breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't alway come naturally.... I know you've heard the horror stories.... Do you know one thing most of those mamas had in common... (well 2 things....)

  1. Lack of good information BEFORE being in the trenches

  2. Lack of quality support who could offer evidence based advice

But you, Mama Bear... You're going to feel at peace with your breastfeeding experience because you're going to take a breastfeeding class that: • Explains HOW your milk is made

• Explains how to know your baby is getting enough milk

• Prepares you for what challenges you can anticipate

• Prepares you to navigate those challenges

• Mythbusts the heck out of society's breastfeeding confusion and misinformation problem So..... Should you take an online breastfeeding or birth class...? No. I don't think you should take A class... I think it is important for you take A GOOD online breastfeeding and birth class. Mama Bears can access Breastfeeding With Confidence and Birthing With Confidence NOW until August 31, 2020... Are you going to be there?

Jaimie Zaki, owner of Little Bear Services, LLC is a Birth Photographer, Labor Doula, & IBCLC serving families in South Jersey and Central New Jersey. Mother of three, military wife, and lover of coffee, Jaimie enthusiastically supports hospital and home births in South Jersey. Jaimie is excited to also serve families from all over the United States with online childbirth classes, online breastfeeding classes, and virtual pregnancy, birth plan, and lactation consulting! Learn more about Jaimie and the services she offers! Keywords: Should I take an online childbirth class? Should I take an online breastfeeding class? What should I expect during labor during COVID? What is dilation? What is effacement? How can I induce labor? Birth plan tips, birth plan template, how to advocate in birth, having a natural hospital birth, unmedicated birth tips, childbirth classes, labor positions for physiological birth, birthing without fear, birth with confidence, prenatal anxiety, IBCLC, lactation consultant, Doula

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