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The Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy

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By now, most people know that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is GREAT for pregnancy, however there seems to be a lot of debate over it's safety, how it is used, and when. Today I'm going to share a little about what I've learned about RRLT through three pregnancies, how I use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and dispel a few myths. One question I hear a lot is: "Can I use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to induce labor?". The resounding answer is: NO. While I do need to disclaim that you should always consult an herbalist to see how herbs could affect your personal medical status, I will be speaking to the average, healthy dyad with no other medications or health concerns. Pre-pregnancy:

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is known to have benefits during menstruation. Many women drink RRLT to ease the intensity of menstrual cramps and to revitalize their energy during their period. Pregnancy:

First Trimester: It is recommended to drink 1 cup of RRLT per day during the first trimester. While some people are concerned about inducing miscarriage, in ancient times, RRLT was actually used to strengthen the uterus and PROTECT against miscarriage. The nutrients in RRLT make it a uterine tonic which means they make the muscle stronger and healthier. This tea is not associated with induction of labor. Personally, I love cold RRLT with honey during the first trimester for nausea. Second Trimester: It is recommended to drink 2 cups per day during the second trimester to continue encouraging a strong, healthy uterus. I personally find that this tea does continue to help with my energy and any nausea. I will often brew it with stinging nettle tea for even more health benefits.

Third Trimester: As you enter your third trimester, it is recommended to increase your RRLT intake to 3 cups per day. For some reason, many people unfamiliar with herbs will recommend NO Red Raspberry Leaf Tea prior to 34 weeks, out of fear of labor induction. The thing is, while some people may experience Braxton Hicks, this is more likely to be a coincidence than a direct result of the tea. Of course if you begin having contractions that grow more intense, longer, and closer together then you should contact your provider. It is believed that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is associated with a shorter labor as it makes the uterus work more efficiently, however individual experiences may vary.


Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea after your baby is born can be a great way to help your body heal! Just like during your period, the additional nutrients can be revitalizing as you finish your bleeding and third for vitamins, micronutrients, and energy.

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So if you're wondering "Can I drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea before the third trimester?" The answer is "Probably!" If you're wondering if Red Raspberry leaf tea will induce labor, the answer is "probably not". However, the overall health benefits and nutrients may help your body feel more energized when labor does begin. What is your favorite way to enjoy Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

If you're looking for other herbal teas that I highly recommend for pregnancy and postpartum then head on over to our MomShop to enjoy some of my favorites.

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Jaimie Zaki is a birth doula, IBCLC, and birth photographer who empowers women to birth and breastfeed with confidence. Jaimie is the owner of Little Bear Services, LLC where she provides virtual doula services, in home lactation support, home birth support, and home birth documentation. Jaimie is mom of three, Air Force Wife, and eager to help you find your inner Mama Bear as you celebrate your pregnancy and growing family.

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