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July 31, 2022 is the Second Annual VBAC Awareness Day!

What is VBAC Awareness Day and why is VBAC awareness so important?

VBAC Awareness Day was founded by Nichole Joy Black and is the day that we celebrate and share the truth about Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. As a VBAC mom and birth worker, Nichole knows the importance of education surrounding the VBAC Conversation. This year we're working together to help reach more women, inspiring them to learn the truth about VBAC.

C-section mom gives birth in her bedroom at home homebirth VBAC HBAC
Jaimie Zaki laboring at home for her 2nd VBAC with her son and husband providing labor support

What is the truth about VBAC?

The truth about VBAC is that VBAC is an option, specifically a SAFE option, for most women who have given birth via c-section. Of course there are many nuances around birth, but the problem with VBAC is that many OBGYNs and even some Midwives are giving old and outdated VBAC advice, gatekeeping options from women who deeply desire a vaginal birth after their cesarean. This week on theVBACpodcast, we're celebrating VBAC Awareness Day by offering the VBAC With Confidence Complete Birth Prep Program at 50% off... yes... HALF OFF enrollment to get prepared to feel confident walking into your VBAC birth.

We're celebrating VBAC Awareness with some exciting new episodes of theVBACpodcast

Episode: VBAC Awareness Day is Coming Up! Let's Celebrate Together!

Cesarean Awareness has the whole month of April, Breastfeeding Awareness gets a worldwide week in August, and then the whole month is celebrated as breastfeeding awareness month in the USA. Well now, VBAC Awareness is a thing too! This year is the second annual VBAC awareness day on July 30th and we will use this week to celebrate!

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is still so widely misunderstood. So this week on theVBACpodcast, you will be invited to listen in on some conversations I had with amazing women who have had cesareans, VBACs, and who encourage and support other women to have empowered, positive, and peaceful vaginal births after cesarean.

But that's not all! This week you get special access to VBAC With Confidence Complete Birth Prep Program for a low low low $73.50... When you sign up you'll be entered to win a FREE Private Birth Prep session with Jaimie! You can also enter to win a free private VBAC preparation session with Jaimie by leaving a REVIEW of the podcast on apple podcasts, screen shotting your favorite episode and sharing on IG Stories (be sure to tag Jaimie @thevbacpodcast )

Combating Fear During VBAC free training to help you prepare for you Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Episode: Are you planning an HBAC? Planning your Home VBAC with Rachel Garret from the Homebirth After Cesarean Podcast

In this week's episode of theVBACpodcast we're chatting with Rachel Garrett, Hostess of the Homebirth After Cesarean Podcast, doula, and home birth midwifery assistant, about her planned homebirth turned cesarean and why she's planning a Homebirth VBAC (also called HBAC) for her current pregnancy. We discuss nuances of supporting women during pregnancy and labor, challenges within the birthing system, and the emotional work that has helped Rachel to find peace with her c-section, and prepared her to surrender in her upcoming labor and birth.

To connect with Rachel and check out the homebirth after cesarean podcast, visit @homebirthaftercesarean on IG or visit

Vbac awareness is important if it wasn't important we wouldn't be here right now thevbacpodcast vbac awareness day white text on green box tips for VBAC birth plan

Episode: Happy VBAC Awareness Day with Nichole Joy Black! Cesarean, Hospital VBAC, and Unassisted Homebirth Story

Cesarean Awareness gets a whole month. Breastfeeding Awareness gets a whole month. We're here to start making sure VBAC Awareness gets AT LEAST a day... I'm making it a WEEK.

Are you ready for another inspiring VBAC story?! To celebrate VBAC Awareness Day we're chatting with Nichole Joy Black to hear about her planned Cesarean Birth, Hospital VBAC and unexpected unassisted home birth. Nichole shares her journey from making fear based birth decisions to getting in touch with her intuition and becoming confident as she planned her dream VBAC.

Check out Nichole's podcast to hear MY interview on HER show too! Connect with Nichole online or on Instagram

BIRTH STORY: Finding peace when your Planned VBAC ends in Emergency Repeat Cesarean

When you're dreaming of a Healing VBAC birth, the thought of your VBAC ending with emergency repeat cesarean can be scary. In today's Birth Story episode, we talk with Rachel McComiskey who shares her story of her first c-section that she says was due to provider abuse, her planned VBAC that ended in another traumatic cesarean, and how she found healing when her third birth and second VBAC attempt resulted in a third emergency cesarean. Rachel shares the biggest lessons she learned about planning a successful VBAC, what it means to have an empowering birth, and her tips for a positive VBAC experience.

The most important lesson Rachel shared with me was that CBAC (cesarean birth after cesarean) CAN be a healing experience also! I hope you find this C-section birth story inspiring and hopeful!

Women deserve to know the truth [about vaginal birth after cesarean at home, homeVBAC] Rachel Garrett homebirth after cesarean podcast

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