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We're moving to Texas! | Wichita Falls, Texas newest IBCLC & Doula & Birth Photographer

If you missed the announcement before, I'm shouting it from the roof tops now!


And this is so huge for so many reasons! Let me tell you what is coming up!!!

Besides waiting for our baby to arrive any day, planning a quick-turn baptism before we move, and moving out mid-late May, we're going all the way to TEXAS. This will be our biggest move as a family with kids. I believe the drive from the Maryland Eastern Shore (where we will stay with family for a few weeks) to Wichita Falls, Texas is just about 24 hours. We've done that long of a drive before. We even drove straight through. And this time will look soooo different. We will have 4 kids, one being a newborn... and quite the caravan... I'll be driving the mini van and pulling a trailer with my husband's motorcycle. He will be driving a Uhaul and pulling our Ford Fusion on that... And yeah... we're having movers. But we can't let them move the "big boy toys" (ie guns, motorcycles, dirtbikes, etc), so caravan it is. I'm guessing it'll be a solid 4 day drive...

But we have our house waiting for us on the other end. No househunting night mares. No storage night mares. We're just going to walk into our new home and jump in the pool immediately. Okay... maybe not, but you bet your butt I'm thrilled over our pool and will be relaxing in there ASAP. Okay... but for the important things.

Starting in July I will be reopening for Virtual Breastfeeding Support and Virtual Birth Plan Support. As soon as my studio is complete, I will be hosting small in person classes, offering in person breastfeeding support both in office and in home, and I will be offering photography services in studio. PLUS, I plan to focus on re-growing my youtube channel talking all things birth, boob, and baby. By creating a home office where I can see clients, it will make me more accessible for families in Wichita Falls, Texas, and it will allow me to offer support at a lower cost. I'm super excited to connect with the local Wichita Falls birth community and offer my expertise and support where I can. But truthfully, I'm just excited to be in TEXAS. Texas is somewhere I always wanted to visit. My mom's best friend moved there when I was young and my mom had been to visit her. Texas seemed like a place I would love so much. Add in the climate and the freedom, and I've known for a while that it would be a good place for me to end up. I've heard positive things about birth communities in Texas being very affirming of informed consent and treating mothers with dignity (I know there are always exceptions). After spending years in New Jersey, especially 2020-2021, I believe Texas will be a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). I'm looking forward to living somewhere where I feel safe, where they have activities we want to do, and where I won't freeze alllll winter (although this year was an anomaly I guess... ). My husband has been to Texas many times and is certain I'll love it as well. I'm excited to raise my family here for the time being and looking forward to connecting with homeschoolers in Texoma. I have to say though, I will be missing a couple things about the East Coast - 1. THE BEACH. I'm a beach baby and the closest will be like 6+ hours away.... *cue tears* (hence why I needed the pool!) 2. The lack of critters.... I'm not looking forward to Texas sized snakes and spiders and scorpions, and whatever other creepy critters I'll have to contend with. But I guess that's part of "the wild west" and I'll have to get tough. Anyway, I'm just rambling now, but I am super thrilled. To top it off, my good friend and fellow doula/birth photographer Taylor Anderson is moving to Dallas (just two hours away from us) so we will be able to see each other more! And actually go live life!


Jaimie Zaki is Wichita Falls, TX's newest IBCLC, Doula, Birth Photographer. Jaimie is dedicated to ensuring families have access to quality support and information as they make informed choices for their families. Jaimie offers online breastfeeding classes to make sure you're ready to breastfeed confidently. Jaimie also offers virtual and in-person breastfeeding support, pregnancy support, etc. If you're looking for an IBCLC, Doula, or Motherhood Photographer, you're in the right place!

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