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Are you ready to reclaim control of your birth experience?

Learn how to Reframe Fear in pregnancy to Reclaim Power in birth using the 
Three Pillars of Confidence

in Childbirth. 

If you missed my free VBAC Prep Class, check it out now! 

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When I was planning my first birth, I thought that being a nurse meant I was totally prepared for what was to come. The truth was, I had no idea how to connect with my intuition, trust my inner wisdom, effectively advocate for me and my baby, or surrender to the experience of birth. 

After an emotionally traumatic cesarean birth, I was looking forward to a "redemptive" birth with my second-born. I knew that things could be different.... better. I knew birth could be empowering and amazing even if it probably wouldn't be perfect. 

For two years I worked hard to prepare myself for my Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, and went on to achieve that goal after a very challenging labor and isolating pregnancy

Since then, I had two more VBACs, breaking all the "rules" of what everyone said was possible for me and my body. 

These experiences taught me a few things about birth. I call my "secret weapons" to be prepared for birth The Three Pillars of Confidence. I've used these pillars to help first time moms achieve births they were proud of, second time mamas experience healing births, and even VBAC mamas achieve their goals of proving everyone wrong and achieving VBAC against all odds. 

Now I'm ready to share these secrets with you. 

The VBAC With Confidence Complete Birth Prep Program 

will equip you with the tools you need for a birth that leaves you feeling confident and peaceful as you welcome your new baby.

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✔️ Learn how to listen to your body, baby, and intuition to work with God's design for birth 

✔️ Make decisions you feel confident in 

✔️ Learn how to effectively communicate your decisions with your birth team

✔️ Learn how to ask questions, even during stressful situations 

✔️ Reimagine the traditional birth plan, creating a birth road-map that actually improves your birth experience. 

✔️ Understand how to leverage your new knowledge of birth to find power in surrendering 

✔️ Learn to reframe fear to reclaim your birth


What's included?

Birthing With Confidence

8 module, comprehensive birth preparation program walks you through expectation of a "normal" labor, variations of normal, understanding options in labor, comfort measures, and writing your birth plan.

(Valued at $499) 

Lessons include Birth Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology of Birth, Understanding Labor Progression, Labor and Birth Positions, Options During Labor, How to Write a Birth Plan, and more! 


VBAC With Confidence

3 Modules walk you through the benefits and risks of vaginal birth after cesarean and helps you understand any special considerations for VBAC moms. This course will help you become a stronger advocate for your VBAC experience, as it focuses on cultivating a supportive team. 

(Valued at $99) 

Lessons include the truth about VBACs, VBAC vs Repeat Cesarean, Uterine Rupture Facts, How to Interview your VBAC Provider, Where Can You Give Birth when planning a VBAC, How to write a VBAC Birth Plan, Myths & Facts, and more! 


Breastfeeding With Confidence

Introduction to the Basics of Breastfeeding with resources for commonly asked breastfeeding questions. This course is most effective in conjunction with a private 1:1 Prenatal Breastfeeding Consult that you can schedule separately if desired. 

(valued at $99) 

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Imagine turning fear into power, strengthening your confidence, and reclaiming your birth experience.


Imagine welcoming your baby with an unwavering sense of confidence and peace, instead of anxiety and fear.  

Online. On-Demand. Only $97!

Plus a Special Bonus!!!

Course Members save 15% on Private Consults

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this class only for VBAC moms or can it benefit first time moms as well? 

This course bundle birth preparation program is the exact course I use to prepare first time and second time moms for birth, so they can learn how to work with their body and achieve their goals of an empowered, informed, positive birth eperience where they exercise their Womanly Wisdom, Self Advocacy skills and fearlessly Surrender to birth. There is a specific add-on course for VBAC moms that transforms this program into a perfect course for all women. 

Is this class self paced? 

This course is totally self paced. While I recommend starting with Birth With Confidence modules in order, then progressing to VBAC with confidence, and finally Breastfeeding With Confidence, for the best experience,  you are free to skip around as needed for the parts of the course you need most. If you need more specialized or personalized guidance, feel free to schedule a private birth or breastfeeding preparation consult with Jaimie. 

What makes this course different from the hospital course? 

For starters, this program is geared toward the mother who desires working with God's design for her body. The hospital birth course is geared toward the mother who values being a good patient and following doctor's orders. Second, this program helps you learn how to make decisions so you can achieve YOUR goals for your birth... not your doula's goals, doctor's goals, or nurse's goals. Third, this course can be taken in the privacy of your own home at your leisure! It does require a larger time commitment than most hospital birth prep programs, but you have total flexibility to make the program work for you. 

Is this course recommended for first, second, or third trimester? 

Pregnant women of all stages can benefit from this birth prep course. I always say the earlier the better, but there is no such thing as "too late" either! If you have decided you want a better birth and want to know how you can achieve that, then this course is for you, whether you're 13 weeks or 31 weeks. 

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