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IBCLC Lactation Consultant Wichita Falls

In home & In Office Breastfeeding Help in Wichita Falls, Texas and surrounding areas 

Virtual Breastfeeding Support from anywhere


Prenatal Consults 

Postpartum Consults 

Great option for those in remote areas or those without local accessible lactation support they trust.


Convenient location off Missile Rd near Sheppard Air Force Base.


Great option for those who feel their home has too many distractions or a mom who just needs a change of scenery! 



Best for families with a baby under 4 weeks old. Convenient for new parents who are having a hard time leaving home with all their feeding gear. 

Limited Availability, please contact Jaimie Directly to schedule a home consult. 

Travel fees may apply. 

Do you need a lactation consultant? 

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) can help you! 

Do you you have a goal to feed your baby breastmilk? 

Do you have a history of breast trauma, breast surgery (implants, reduction, etc.) which could make it hard for you to reach your breastfeeding goals? 

Did you try to breastfeed your older child but have challenges you never figured out a solution for? Are you dreaming of a better breastfeeding experience this time? 

Do you have a history of diabetes, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), thyroid conditions, or other hormonal conditions that can make breastfeeding challenging? 

Have you noticed that your breasts have not grown, felt fuller, or experienced darkening nipples during your pregnancy? 

Did your baby spend time in the NICU and struggle transitioning to breastfeeding? 

Are you experiencing sore nipples, a fussy baby who seems to hate breastfeeding, or a baby who is struggling to gain weight the way the doctors want? 

Are you pumping and struggling with how to make it work for you? 


Do you suspect your baby has a tongue and/or lip tie that is making breastfeeding difficult? 


Does something about breastfeeding just seem "off" but you're not sure what it is or why? 

These are just some of the breastfeeding challenges that may make you consider working with a lactation consultant.


An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is the gold standard of lactation support and here to help you reach your breastfeeding goals despite whatever challenges come your way. 

Who needs IBCLC

Meet Jaimie Zaki, LPN, IBCLC

Wichita Falls Texas Lactation Consultant Jaimie Zaki poses with Breast Model while teaching virtual breastfeeding class

Jaimie Zaki is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Birth Doula, Birth Photographer, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Jaimie is a military wife and mother of four, passionate about supporting families as they prepare to welcome their new babies. 

While Jaimie helps breastfeeding mothers with a variety of conditions and situations, Jaimie specializes in supporting oral function, identifying oral restrictions (like tongue and lip ties), and creating personalized care plans for breastfeeding tongue tied babies. Did you know that many breastfeeding issues are related to oral restrictions?


Jaimie began her journey supporting new mothers as a La Leche League Leader in 2016 after her own challenging breastfeeding experience with her first baby. Jaimie learned the hard way about the impact of oral ties on breastfeeding, and that many healthcare providers were not skilled or informed on how tongue tie and lip tie could impact breastfeeding. Jaimie had to learn how to advocate for herself and her baby as pediatricians and lactation consultants encouraged her to quit breastfeeding. Eventually Jaimie found the right kind of support that helped her learn what she needed to know about breastfeeding a tongue tied baby. Jaimie went on to reach and exceed her breastfeeding goals.


That journey led Jaimie to become a La Leche League Leader, later pursuing her Certified Breastfeeding Specialist certificate and Doula Training, and eventually to seek training and certification as an IBCLC

Jaimie and her family moved to Wichita Falls, Texas in 2021 and she has been providing pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding support to families in Wichita Falls, Texas, Lawton, OK, Decatur, Texas and the surrounding areas. 

Jaimie offers in person breastfeeding help to families in the Wichita Falls area and can provide Virtual Breastfeeding Support for families in need outside of her local region. 

If you pregnant and planning to breastfeed or currently navigating breastfeeding challenges, Jaimie is here to help you achieve your personal breastfeeding goals. 

Breastfeeding Support helps baby achieve better latch, breastfeeding mother joyful that IBCLC helped her achieve deep latch in football hold position

Breastfeeding can be hard, but I'm here to help! You can love breastfeeding!


Insurance Covered Lactation Consults Wichita Falls & Telehealth

The Affordable Care Act ensures that lactation support and breastfeeding care are covered by health insurance. Unfortunately, there are still many insurance programs that make insurance coverage for lactation support challenging and unattainable.

We are currently accepting TRICARE EAST and AETNA plans, and hoping to add more in-network partners soon! 

While not every health plan is working directly with Jaimie Zaki and Little Bear Lactation, most plans will reimburse you for any out of pocket lactation expenses. If your insurance is not working with Jaimie, you can contact them to request a special coverage exception / gap exception. You will also receive a Superbill to submit for possible reimbursement of your visit fee. 

If you have TRICARE West or Medicaid, you will not be covered and are unlikely to be reimbursed for a consult with Jaimie. As a courtesy, Little Bear Lactation offers a Tricare West or Medicaid Discount. You must be able to provide your insurance information/card to verify eligibility. 

 If your insurance is not participating, you may choose to self-pay and receive a superbill from Jaimie for you to submit to your insurance company for possible full or partial reimbursement

Insurance Informito

How to Book Lactation Consult


Click "Book Appoitnment Now" 


Select your preferred appt type, time & date. 

A credit card is required is required to book but will not be charged at this time. 


Complete required forms online including:

Care Consent, Credit Card Authorization/Payment Policies agreement, Insurance Information, Intake/History Forms 

*Your credit card will NOT be charged at booking! 


Contact Jaimie with any questions before your appointment at

Show up to your appointment and start breastfeeding with confidence!


Private Breastfeeding Consultations 

Virtual, In-Home, and In-office Lactation Consultations are now available and covered by many major insurance plans. Get Breastfeeding Help today by booking your Prenatal Lactation Consultation, postpartum support visit, or follow up breastfeeding consult. 

*Please note: Credit Card is required to book all appointments. Card will not be charged at time of booking! 

Jaimie Zaki is able to help with breastfeeding concerns including but not limited to:

  • Creating a custom Breastfeeding Success Plan prenatally 

  • Addressing any concerns about breastfeeding with a complex medical history

  • ​Achieving a proper breastfeeding latch 

  • Breastfeeding & Nipple Pain 

  • Increasing Milk Supply 

  • Supplementing with Human Milk or Formula 

  • Lip & Tongue Tie 

  • Infant Weight Loss / Weight Gain Concerns 

  • Transitioning Back to Work / School 

  • Starting Solid Foods when breastfeeding / Baby Led Weaning 

  • Creating Pumping Plans 

  • Managing Oversupply of Breastmilk 

  • Managing Breast Engorgement

and many other breastfeeding concerns or challenges. 

Jaimie has received additional training in oral restrictions and managing tongue tie and lip tie when breastfeeding. If you suspect your baby has a tongue or lip tie, please let Jaimie know as she is trained to asses oral function and help determine if the root cause is likely related to oral restrictions or a different concern. 

Jaimie Zaki is TRICARE Certified and In-Network with Aetna. If your insurance is not currently working with Little Bear Lactation, Jaimie will let you know how she can help you seek insurance reimbursement for your lactation consultation. 

Office Located in Wichita Falls, Texas 

Home Visits Available in Texas and Oklahoma including but not limited to Wichita Falls, Henrietta, Petrolia, Iowa Park, Burkburnett, Lawton, Bowie, etc 

*Travel Fees may apply and will not be covered by health insurance 

**15% cash pay discount for Medicaid Participants & Non-participating TRICARE Plans  

***Currently accepting most major health insurance plans, FSA/HSA, and all major credit cards. 

Prenatal Lactation Consultation 

Prenatal Lactation Consultations occur during the third trimester of pregnancy to help you create a customized breastfeeding plan for achieving your breastfeeding goal. This consult is great for all expecting mothers, however some may benefit more than others. 

If you have a history of breastfeeding challenges, familial history of breastfeeding challenges, history of hormonal disorders, infertility, breast augmentation or reduction surgery, thyroid conditions, etc.,  you may benefit from a prenatal breastfeeding support visit. 


60 Minute Virtual Consultation 

Cash Fee: $125 

Covered by most health insurance plans. 


Initial Postpartum Breastfeeding Support Visit 

Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby! Booking a postpartum breastfeeding consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is a wise next step! 

Whether you want a simple "latch check" or you are having challenges such as sore nipples when breastfeeding, concerns about low milk supply, your baby is struggling to gain weight, or you need a plan for creating a great routine as you prepare to return to work or school, scheduling a private lactation consultation is the way to go! Maybe you just need help fitting your breast pump and figuring out the right routine for pumping and breastfeeding, or even exclusively pumping. No matter your lactation needs, Little Bear Lactation is here to help! 

Private Lactation Consultations include an assessment of yours & baby's medical histories, birth experience, a breastfeeding assessment, breast assessment for mom, oral assessment for baby, comprehensive body assessment for baby, weight check (when possible/applicable), and creation of a personalized breastfeeding plan to help you take a step toward achieving your breastfeeding goals. 

Approximately 90 Minute Consultation 

Available in home or in office (Wichita Falls, Texas area) and via Telehealth 

Cash Fee: $150 / $150 

*Travel Fee may apply for home visits 

Most insurance plans will cover this consultation 



Follow Up Lactation Consultation 

If you have had a lactation consultation with Little Bear Lactation in the last 2 weeks and need more breastfeeding help, a follow up lactation consultation can be scheduled! Many times, achieving our breastfeeding goals can require more than one breastfeeding support visit depending on the complexity of the concern. For challenges like low weight gain, supplementation, tongue tie, etc, ongoing breastfeeding support is typically required and beneficial.


Approximately 30-60 minute consultation 

Available in home or in office (Wichita Falls, TX area)  and via Telehealth 

Cash Fee: $125 / $125

*Travel fee may apply for home visits 

Most insurance plans cover multiple follow ups for lactation support 


My Insurance isn't working with you, what should I do? 

If your insurance is not currently working with Little Bear Lactation, you have a few options. 


Apply for Gap Coverage or a Special Exceptions 


You can contact your insurance company to see if they cover any lactation consultants in the area. If they don't have options available for you, you may be able to request a special exception or gap coverage where they pre-approve you to work with an out of network provider with the agreement they will pay. If you are making this request, please let me know so I can provide the best contact information for them to connect with me if necessary. 

FSA/HSA Coverage 

Flex Spending Accounts and Health Care Savings Accounts can be used toward lactation care! 

Superbill Reimbursement 

Even if you do not get a special exception, you may be able to submit your superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement. Doing this requires you to pay in full up front, however, you may receive a full or partial reimbursement from your insurance company to cover your lactation care. 

Medicaid Patients 


 Medicaid participants will enjoy a Self Pay Discount. Please contact Jaimie Zaki directly at for this option. 

Please see below for more information on booking a Self-Pay Lactation Consultation. 

chart showing different kinds of lactation support and lactation consultants IBCLC CLC CBE CBS Nurse

Different kinds of lactation support.

Common Questions about Breastfeeding Support with Jaimie 

What is a Lactation Consultant? What is an IBCLC? 

A lactation consultant is someone who helps women reach their breastfeeding goals. The term "lactation consultant" can describe anyone in any roll who supports breastfeeding, regardless of education and credentialing.  An IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) is a healthcare professional who has attended 90 credits of Lactation Specific Education, achieved 1000 hours of Breastfeeding Support Training (depending on training pathway), and passed an International Board Exam for Lactation Consultants. IBCLCs are considered the "gold standard" in lactation support, and continue their lactation education through regular training, workshops, etc.

IBCLCs have the broadest scope of practice out of all lactation care providers and are the only lactation care providers adequately trained to create a customized breastfeeding care plan for complex breastfeeding challenges and collaborate with your healthcare team. 

I've already worked with one or two lactation consultants, how can you help me?

Were the other lactation consultants you worked with IBCLCs? Sometimes people use the term "lactation consultant" in a way that is misleading, when their actual credentials are Lactation Educator, Lactation Counselor, Breastfeeding Specialist, or Birth Doula. 

If your lactation consultant visit was in the hospital, it's important to understand that hosptial-based IBCLCs typically have a limited ability to provide comprehensive care due to their high case volume, and many breastfeeding issues do not show up until after leaving the hospital. 

If you have seen an IBCLC who dedicated time to your case, but was unable to help, it is possible that they simply didn't have enough experience in your specific circumstances. Finding an IBCLC who is experienced in your specific concerns can make a big difference. 

Who should work with a Lactation Consultant? 

Anyone who plans on breastfeeding! I highly recommend any mother who plans to breastfeed hires a lactation consultant prenatally to create a base knowledge for breastfeeding, and to create a personalized Breastfeeding Plan to help achieve her goals. Postpartum, many women find themselves facing a variety of breastfeeding challenges, some normal, some more complex. These women usually benefit from working closely with a skilled lactation professional to identify the breastfeeding concerns and create a personalized breastfeeding care plan for addressing those breastfeeding challenges. 

What is "Prenatal Breastfeeding Support" and who should book prenatal breastfeeding visits? 

As mentioned above, prenatal breastfeeding support is a proactive approach pregnant women can take toward preparing to reach their breastfeeding goals. While a prenatal breastfeeding consult does not guarantee you will not face breastfeeding challenges, it can help you anticipate common challenges and create a plan for overcoming them. It's also a great way to assess your risk of certain breastfeeding challenges based on medical history. 

Prenatal breastfeeding consults are not just for first time moms either! Experienced mothers who struggled with breastfeeding in the past can benefit from prenatal breastfeeding help to understand what might have been the problem last time, and learn how to manage it or avoid it next time! 

What happens during a lactation consult? 

Before your lactation consult you will receive questionnaires and contracts that can seem very tedious but are very important. By thoroughly reviewing and filling out your pre-consult paperwork, you can ensure we are both well prepared for your visit. You will be asked to describe your breastfeeding goals, concerns, challenges, questions, and you will be asked questions about your medical history and your baby's medical and birth history. 

During the visit, we will begin by reviewing your goals and concerns. I will assess your baby's oral function, weight, feeding skills, and the condition of your breasts as needed. We will then work together to create a plan for overcoming the problems we identify. You will be encouraged to plan a follow up visit to ensure we are making progress toward your goals and so we can re-evaluate the care plan as needed. I will also make referrals and recommendations to other providers as needed, as well as send a copy of your chart to your OB/Pediatrician as needed. 

How does virtual breastfeeding help work? 

Many families who need breastfeeding support are in an area where they either do not have access to a private lactation consultant due to regional constraints, or the local lactation support is not affordable. Virtual Breastfeeding Help is a great option to bring resources to families who need them, despite geographical or financial barriers. 

Virtual Breastfeeding Support relies on clear communication between parents and the lactation provider. While Virtual Breastfeeding Support is not quite the same as troubleshooting breastfeeding in person, there is a lot we can still uncover and resolve virtually. The best part of virtual breastfeeding support is that parents take a very active role in their lactation care. 

Virtual Breastfeeding Support is fantastic for routine breastfeeding support like Prenatal Breastfeeding Visits, Back-to-work Breastfeeding Support, and Weaning Support. 

When you make your appointment for Virtual Breastfeeding Support you will be sent a calendar invite and link for your call. Please arrive to the call about 5 minutes early to make sure any technical issues are resolved so the appointment can run efficiently. 

How much does a lactation consultant cost? 

The cost of breastfeeding support varies based off regional location, provider experience, education, and more. Our Current Breastfeeding Support Self-Pay rates are listed below. 

Do you take insurance for lactation consulting? 

Little Bear Lactation is excited to announce that we are able to provide insurance-covered breastfeeding support.  If your insurance does not work with us at this time, we recommend calling your insurance to advocate for special exception lactation coverage, and considering self-pay options including FSA/HSA. 

Jaimie Zaki is now accepting TRICARE East Clients and Aetna Participants and is also working with the Lactation Network to bring insurance-covered lactation support to families with various health plans!

What region do you offer in person breastfeeding support? 

I am currently offering a limited amount of in-home breastfeeding support visits in the Wichita Falls, Texas area, including Sheppard Air Force Base. Telehealth option is always available and home-office visits will be available soon! 

Service area includes Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park.

Travel Fees May Apply.  

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