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Virtual Lactation Consult

Get insurance covered online breastfeeding support at home, no matter where you are.


Get help breastfeeding your newborn when you are experiencing painful latch, low milk supply, poor or slow weight infant weight gain, weaning off of a nipple shield, and more!


Is your baby older? Are you ready to introduce solids, considering how sleep training will affect breastfeeding, or looking for help weaning? 

Get online breastfeeding support when you schedule a virtual lactation consult today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual lactation consult? 
A virtual lactation consult is an easy way for people without access to convenient breastfeeding support to get help with breastfeeding from an experienced IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant). A virtual lactation consult will take place on a secure video chat platform to allow for convenience and privacy. 

Does Insurance Cover Virtual Lactation Consults? 
Most insurances that cover breastfeeding support will cover online lactation consultants as well. Check to see if your insurance is working with Little Bear Lactation here. 

What kind of breastfeeding issues can be managed with virtual breastfeeding care? 
Virtual lactation consults do have their limitations, however all breastfeeding challenges can be supported with online breastfeeding care, it just may look different than in person care. Virtual breastfeeding support requires parents to take a more active role int their care. Common breastfeeding concerns we address during online consults include but are not limited to: low milk supply, poor weight gain, slow weight gain, tongue and lip tie management, pumping solutions, back to work plans, introducing solids, weaning, and more. 

Why should I hire an IBCLC? 
An IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who is qualified to help manage common and complex nursing challenges. While other birth professionals may have some knowledge in supporting breastfeeding, lactation consultants are specialists. You would see a heart doctor for a heart problem, see a lactation consultant for a lactation problem! 

Are Virtual Lactation Consults only for new mothers? 
No! Pregnant Women, New Mothers, and Experienced mothers are all in need of lactation support and are welcome to book a support call. Sometimes pregnant women have unique concerns about initiating breastfeeding and would like a more personalized approach to preparation beyond breastfeeding classes (I can help with those tooToo). Of course mothers of newborns have many common concerns and challenges I’m happy to help with. Experienced Mama Bears may need support later in their breastfeeding journey for things such as introducing solids and weaning. Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, a virtual lactation consult can help you. 

What things can not be managed during a virtual lactation consult?
During an in person lactation consult I would do a physical examination of your baby’s mouth, take weights with my scale, etc. While I can not do these things on a virtual consult, I can walk you through an oral examination and help you describe your findings. If you have a baby scale we may be able to utilize it for data points, although most consumer grade baby scales are not as sensitive as those for professionals. 

Who should schedule a virtual lactation consult? 
In home breastfeeding care is really important for breastfeeding success. But not all locations have access to in home care. Some areas do not have access to lactation support whatsoever. For mothers who are struggling to find a local lactation consultant to meet their needs, Virtual Breastfeeding Support Visits can be extremely helpful. 

How do you protect my privacy? 
I use HIPAA compliant softwares for record keeping and communications. 

What should I expect during a virtual lactation consult? 
Click the “Book Now” button to schedule your visit. Then you will receive online paperwork with questions about your and your baby’s medical history and what challenges you are experiencing. About 10 minutes before your consult I will send you a link via email or text to “join the call” where we will have a video chat consult. Your consult will last approximately 1 hour. After your consult you will receive a Lactation Care Plan and your visit notes can be shared with any healthcare providers you request we share your records with. 

If you have any other questions about booking your virtual lactation consult please contact me now! 

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