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It's nice to meet you! 

Hey, I'm Jaimie - and I'm here to help you enter motherhood with confidence. After realizing the medical maternal wellness system was not set equipped to truly help mothers and babies thrive, I made it my personal mission to do my part to help bridge the gaps of maternal health and wellness support. 

As a new mother who just experienced a difficult and unwanted cesarean birth, I dreamed of a peaceful breastfeeding experience to bond with my new baby. Instead I was met with pain, misery, an angry baby, and heartbreak. The support structures I assumed would be in place to solve these issues were not able to help us reach our goals, and even seemed in many ways to undermine my innate desire to nurse my baby. 

After finding mother-to-mother support that dragged me through the darkest days of my postpartum experience, I decided that more support was needed in our world, and instead of conforming to and trying to fix a broken structure within the corporate medical model, I would step outside of that model to help mothers where they were -  at home

This is why I embarked on a journey to become a birth doula and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. After welcoming 5 babies, I have learned that wellness exists most naturally when we find the right balance between allopathic medicine and holistic wellness - ultimately learning two things: informed consent and trusting our intuition. 

My goal is to help mothers find this balance as they seek wellness in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 



to inspire and educate women to connect with their God-given intuition and enter motherhood with confidence. 


I believe that every woman should be able to embrace pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding as a beautiful experience unique to our Creator's design and call for our life. However, I acknowledge that various circumstances can make these natural experiences challenging on many different levels. As a birth doula and lactation consultant, my goal is to help mothers prepare for birth and breastfeeding, navigate challenges, and made empowered decisions they feel confident in, despite what the rest of the world might be telling them. Ultimately, I want to support mothers in understanding their bodies, their babies, and using their intuition to make informed decisions they feel confident in. 


Jaimie's Background & Education

Jaimie's diverse background helps her to provide compassionate care to mothers experiencing the unique challenges of transitioning to motherhood. 

  • Jaimie is a Catholic, homeschooling mother of 5 and Air Force Wife who grew up in rural Maryland and has since lived in Colorado, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas

  • Jaimie is a c-section mom, VBAC mom, and home-birth mom 

  • Jaimie has worked in healthcare in a variety of settings starting as a CNA in long term care in 2011, becoming an LPN in 2013 working in a wound care clinic, and became a Birth Doula and Lactation Consultant in 2019/2020

  • Jaimie has been specialized in Lactation Support since 2016 when she became a La Leche League Leader and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist 

  • Jaimie became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2020 and has supported diverse families across the country 

  • Jaimie has a special focus on helping families navigate breastfeeding with oral restrictions, but is also experienced with other breastfeeding challenges and concerns 

  • Jaimie strives to take a holistic approach toward wellness and support her clients in finding a healthy balance between holistic wellness and allopathic medicine approaches and teaching families how to advocate for their healthcare needs 

  • Jaimie also loves photography and has specialized in birth & motherhood photography in the past, and looks forward to nurturing that hobby again in the future 

Insurance Covered Lactation Care

Little Bear Lactation works with Aetna, BCBSTX, and Tricare. Little Bear Lactation also works with The Lactation Network to improve access to insurance covered lactation care. Many PPO plans work with The Lactation Network. 

If your plan is not working with Little Bear Lactation or The Lactation Network, you can use FSA/HSA funds to cover your care. Additionally, you can self-pay and you will be provided with a Superbill to submit to your insurance plan for possible full or partial reimbursement for lactation care. 



Service Area 

Limited Home Visits & Virtual Lactation Care are available in Abilene, Texas and across the USA 

Taylor County Lactation Consultant 

Dyess Air Force Base (Jaimie has base access!) 

Located in Tuscola, Texas 


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