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Creating your Breastfeeding Plan!

Prepare for Breastfeeding like you're
Preparing for Birth 

Creating your birth plan takes a lot of time, energy, and attention... but if you're just writing "Breastfeeding" on your birth plan and thinking things will fall into place, you're setting yourself up for extra challenges


. As a Mom, Birth Doula, and IBCLC I can assure you, that even with an amazing birth, sometimes breastfeeding doesn't just work out the way we expect it to. But this doesn't mean it can't! 

Give BREASTFEEDING PREPARATION the attention it requires during pregnancy too!

Creating a BREASTFEEDING PLAN is the perfect way to make sure you're setting yourself up for Breastfeeding Success

Join me for a FREE Breastfeeding Plan Workshop where I'll teach you how to proactively reach your breastfeeding goals instead of waiting to react to breastfeeding challenges 

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