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Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby can be an emotional roller-coaster

"Does my baby have a tongue tie?" shouldn't be a question you're left asking multiple providers. 

Yet, that's exactly the situation many new mothers find themselves in. Breastfeeding is hard, no one can seem to figure out why, and pediatricians and some lactation consultants just keep shrugging their shoulders or gaslighting you. But you can't stop wondering if tongue tie could be something your baby is experiencing. 

This is exactly why I created the Parent Administered Tongue Tie Assessment Tool. 

This tool helps parents to look at their baby through the eyes of an IBCLC familiar with how tongue tie impacts breastfeeding. 

While this tool is not designed to diagnose oral restrictions, it can help you determine if a second opinion with a tongue-tie savvy IBCLC is a wise next step. 


When you take this quick quiz after observing your baby, you will feel inspired to be a confident advocate and trust your intuition. 



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