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Image of Jaimie Zaki doula lactation consultant wearing floral shirt agains white background black text reads hey im jaimie a homechooling mama to four little bears a birth doula and international board certified lactation consultant are you ready to feel more confident about your birth

Hey Mama Bear! Welcome to the Three Pillars of Confidence Seminar! Please start by watching the video below about managing Fear and Safety cycles in labor by enacting the

Three Pillars: Womanly Wisdom, Self Advocacy, and Surrender. 

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As Featured In

You know you deserve to be treated with respect during your birth. 

You know you deserve to feel prepared

You deserve a peaceful birth, whether or not your birth plan works out. 

You deserve to be proud of your birth. 

You deserve to feel in charge of your birth. 



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8 Modules prepare you and your birth partner to strengthen your Three Pillars 

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Module 1 - You will do some deep heart work to reframe your concerns about birth

Module 2- Understand exactly what your body will experience during labor

Module 3- Learn what changes you should prepare for as labor progresses

Module 4 -  Learn how to cope with labor 

Module 5 - Learn about your options during labor, how to ask the right questions, and advocate for your needs.

Module 6 - Learn about cesareans

Module 7 - Re-learn everything you've heard about Birth Plans and create a mindset and strategy to make your birth plan work for you. 

Module 8 - Postpartum Basics 

Also Included: 

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Learn the Basics of Breastfeeding, tips for latching, common breastfeeding concerns, and tips for navigating challenges. 

Plus a PDF Basic Guide to Pumping

But, wait! Theres more! 

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Birthing With Confidence 

valued at $499 

Breastfeeding with Confidence 

valued at $99 

Plus a Bonus 30 Minute Private Support Call

Total Program value over $600 

     Your Investment: $397    

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