Breastfeeding Support in New Jersey

Who do you turn to when breastfeeding is harder than you expected? Get support reaching your breastfeeding goals. Contact Jaimie now! 

Breastfeeding Classes

Online: Online classes provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home at an affordable rate. Breastfeeding 101 teaches you all the breastfeeding basics, will help you understand your newborn's language, and prepare you for when to seek out extra support.

Private Classes: Private classes take place in the comfort of your own home. This gives you the flexibility to learn with your partner around busy schedules, while still retaining the benefit of one on one learning, discussion, and support from an expert. Private classes also allow for the ability to provide prenatal counseling on your individual breastfeeding history, concerns, and unique needs. 


Most mothers will face some degree of challenges when learning to breastfeed. With the right support, the majority of these challenges can be overcome. Whether you're experiencing a tough transition home from the hospital, or preparing to head back to work and need guidance creating a plan, Little Bear is here for you. 

We support mothers experiencing painful latch, sore nipples, pumping troubleshooting, breast refusal, and much more! 


Postpartum Breastfeeding Support At Home: 

-Visit will last approximately 90 Minutes 

-I will take a general health history to get a clear picture of your unique situation 

-I will assess mother's breasts and baby's feeding 

-I will share education, resources, and help you build a plan for adaptations to reach your breastfeeding goals 

-I will refer out as necessary

First Home Visit: $85 
Follow up visits: $50

**Travel fees may apply beyond 40 miles. 

Video Consult: 

- Clients will download a secure messaging app where we will be able to video chat about their breastfeeding questions 

- This option is great for parents dealing with general nursing challenges and questions who do not need immediate hands on support 

- This option is great for families who are do not have accessible breastfeeding support in their local area 

- Video Consult will last about 1 hour and we will chat about your breastfeeding history, questions, and I will provide education and resources to help you reach your breastfeeding goals 

- If you are experiencing a more complex challenge, I will refer you to a local IBCLC or I will recommend scheduling a home visit. 


First Video Visit: $50 / Hour 

Follow Up Video Visit: $35 / Hour

*At this time I do not work with any insurance companies. Client must be self guaranteed. 


New Parent Virtual Support Membership Plan

There are a lot of questions new moms have that are best answered from an expert. Peer support and google are great, but what about when advice is conflicting or doesn't quite fit your unique situation? What if you just need reassurance that your instincts are correct? Little Bear is happy to provide you with a 6 month concierge service, here to support you when you need it. 


$180 - Online Breastfeeding Class, Receive unlimited email support and 2 1-hour video consults for 6 months (Available as 6 monthly payments of $30, Please Email for Payment Plan)







$300- Online Breastfeeding Class, Receive unlimited email support and 3 1-hour video consults for 12 months (Available as 12 monthly payments of $25, Please Email for Payment Plan)


"Perfect unique gift for a baby shower! Pregnant mothers will love this opportunity for education and support at their fingertips..."

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