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If you're ready for a more positive and peaceful pregnancy and postpartum, you're in the right place. 

VBAC Preparation | Pregnancy & Labor Coaching | Breastfeeding Help 

Insurance Covered Breastfeeding Help Now Available!

Insurance covered Breastfeeding Classes, Prenatal Lactation Consults, and Postpartum Breastfeeding Help Available in Wichita Falls, TX & across the USA (telehealth)

Accepting most major health plans including TRICARE! 

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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jaimie Zaki, Air Force Wife, Mother of 4, Birth Doula, Nurse, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 

As a mother and nurse, I've seen first hand how broken our maternal health system is. That's why my goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. 

Providing you with the tools and information to advocate for yourself and your baby is my specialty! 

Helping you navigate challenges of pregnancy and postpartum is my passion. 

Serving you is my dream come true. 

Book a Telehealth or In-home Lactation Consult with Jaimie Zaki today!

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"Jaimie literally saved my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter...I wanted to EBF. Jaimie helped me meet that goal, while ensuring my baby was healthy and gaining weight like she should."


"One of the main reasons I was able to have the birth I wanted was because of Jaimie. She made me feel like a warrior.

I would highly recommend her to anyone"