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Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding Basics Class 

Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby Class 

More classes coming soon!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Consults

Prenatal Lactation Consultations include access to self-paced breastfeeding class + personalized consultation and custom breastfeeding success plan! 

*May be covered by insurance 

Postpartum Breastfeeding support

Get help with breastfeeding!


From sore nipples to milk supply concerns, tongue tie, and more, a lactation consult is the first step toward achieving your breastfeeding goals

*May be covered by insurance

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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jaimie Zaki, Air Force Wife, Mother of 4, Former La Leche League Leader, Birth Doula, Nurse, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 

As a mother and nurse, I've seen first hand how broken our maternal health system is. That's why my goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. 

Providing you with the tools and information to advocate for yourself and your baby is my specialty! 

Helping you navigate challenges of pregnancy and postpartum is my passion. 

Supporting you as you transform into a fierce MamaBear is my dream come true. 

Insurance Covered Breastfeeding Help Now Available!

Did you know your health insurance is likely required to cover breastfeeding support at little to no cost to you? From breastfeeding classes to postpartum lactation consultations, you might be covered! 

Little Bear Lactation is currently accepting Aetna and TRICARE East. 

If your insurance is not working with us, you willl be provided a superbill to submit for  reimbursement from your insurance company.

Little Bear Lactation does also accept FSA/HSA payment. 

Medicaid clients who's insurance is not working with Little Bear Lactation and TRICARE West clients will be provided a courtesy


Wichita Falls Lactation Consultant Accepting Health Insurance humana tricare multiplan cigna blue cross blue shield pnoa anthem aetna

What is a lactation consultant?

Many people use the term "lactation consultant" to describe someone who helps women reach their breastfeeding goals. But many misunderstand the education and credentials behind different kinds of lactation consultants. This chart is to help you understand the different levels of breastfeeding support. 

chart explains difference between kinds of lactation consultants including IBCLC, CLE, CLC, CBS, Postpartum Nurse, Lactation Nurse, Certified Lactation Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

**Please note: This chart is not all-inclusive. There are still many titles in lactation support including WIC Breastfeeding Peer Support, La Leche League Leaders, etc. Each of these roles can be important in providing access to basic breastfeeding support, but an IBCLC is the "gold standard" of lactation support. Clinical issues outside the normal course of breastfeeding (ie, slow weight gain, failure to thrive, suspicions of tongue/lip tie, concerns about low milk supply, etc) should be referred to an IBCLC. If your support person is not appropriately referring you to skilled support, you can self-refer. 

Please also remember that pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and most midwives are not trained in complex breastfeeding support unless they are also an IBCLC. If your healthcare provider is not referring you to an IBCLC before making recommendations to incorporate supplemental feeds, bottles, etc, please remember to advocate for yourself and self-refer to an IBCLC. Most insurances cover breastfeeding support without doctor referrals required. Your IBCLC can help you determine your insurance coverage and requirements before booking a lactation consultation. 

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Little Bear Lactation Jaimie Zaki IBCLC Review  5 Star Telehealth Lactation Consultant Texas Lactation Consultant Wichita falls
Little Bear Lactation Review 5 Star IBCLC Jaimie Zaki offers Insurance Covered Telehealth Breastfeeding Help and Home Visits in Wichita Falls TX
Little Bear Lactation Reviews Little Bear Birth Services 5 Star IBCLC offers Telehealth Lactation Consults and Breastfeeding Help in Wichita Falls

In 2019 83% of newborns were fed breastmilk, by 6 months only 55% of babies were receiving any breastmilk, and only about 25% were exclusively breastfed. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, and continuing breastmilk for at least the first year of life, if not longer. 

The primary reason this goal is not met by the majority of families is because of poor breastfeeding support. Modern life presents many barriers that prevent mothers from reaching their breastfeeding goals, from poor community support to work and school demands.  

One way we can help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals is to increase access to community breastfeeding support. Baby Friendly Hospitals and Lactation Support while inpatient is important, but it's not enough. Mothers need somewhere to turn for help once they've returned home and breastfeeding challenges begin presenting themselves during the first week, they need support at 1 month in when they realize breastfeeding isn't getting easier, they need support when returning to school or work, and they need support when choosing to wean. 


Whether your goal is to breastfeed for 6 weeks, 6 months, or 2 years (or anywhere in between!), Jaimie Zaki is here to support that goal. Jaimie offers Insurance Covered Virtual Breastfeeding Support via Telehealth to mothers all over the country and limited in-person breastfeeding help to mothers in Wichita Falls, Texas. 


Click Below to learn more about booking a prenatal breastfeeding visit or postpartum breastfeeding help to feel more confident about breastfeeding! 


Common Questions about

Breastfeeding Support with Jaimie 

What is a Lactation Consultant? What is an IBCLC? 

A lactation consultant is someone who helps women reach their breastfeeding goals. The term "lactation consultant" can describe anyone in any roll who supports breastfeeding, regardless of education and credentialling.  An IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) is a professional who has attended 90 credits of Lactation Specific Education, achieved 1000 hours of Breastfeeding Support Training (depending on pathway), and passed an International Board Exam for Lactation Consultants. IBCLCs are sometimes covered by insurance, and considered Allied Healthcare Professionals. IBCLCs are considered the "gold standard" in lactation support, and continue their lactation education through regular training, workshops, etc.  

Who should work with a Lactation Consultant? 

Anyone who plans on breastfeeding! I highly recommend any mother who plans to breastfeed hires a lactation consultant prenatally to create a base knowledge for breastfeeding, and to create a personalized Breastfeeding Plan to help achieve her goals. Postpartum, many women find themselves facing a variety of breastfeeding challenges, some normal, some more complex. These women usually benefit from working closely with a skilled lactation professional to identify the breastfeeding concerns and create a personalized breastfeeding care plan for addressing those breastfeeding challenges. 

What is "Prenatal Breastfeeding Support" and who should book prenatal breastfeeding visits? 

As mentioned above, prenatal breastfeeding support is a proactive approach pregnant women can take toward preparing to reach their breastfeeding goals. While a prenatal breastfeeding consult does not guarantee you will not face breastfeeding challenges, it can help you anticipate common challenges and create a plan for overcoming them. It's also a great way to assess your risk of certain breastfeeding challenges based on medical history. 

Prenatal breastfeeding consults are not just for first time moms either! Experienced mothers who struggled with breastfeeding in the past can benefit from prenatal breastfeeding help to understand what might have been the problem last time, and learn how to manage it or avoid it next time! 

What happens during a lactation consult? 

Before your lactation consult you will receive questionnaires and contracts that can seem very tedious but are very important. By thoroughly reviewing and filling out your pre-consult paperwork, you can ensure we are both well prepared for your visit. You will be asked to describe your breastfeeding goals, concerns, challenges, questions, and you will be asked questions about your medical history and your baby's medical and birth history. 

During the visit, we will begin by reviewing your goals and concerns. I will assess your baby's oral function, weight, feeding skills, and the condition of your breasts as needed. We will then work together to create a plan for overcoming the problems we identify. You will be encouraged to plan a follow up visit to ensure we are making progress toward your goals and so we can re-evaluate the care plan as needed. I will also make referrals and recommendations to other providers as needed, as well as send a copy of your chart to your OB/Pediatrician as needed. 

How does virtual breastfeeding help work? 

Many families who need breastfeeding support are in an area where they either do not have access to a private lactation consultant due to regional constraints, or the local lactation support is not affordable. Virtual Breastfeeding Help is a great option to bring resources to families who need them, despite geographical or financial barriers. 

Virtual Breastfeeding Support relies on clear communication between parents and the lactation provider. While Virtual Breastfeeding Support is not quite the same as troubleshooting breastfeeding in person, there is a lot we can still uncover and resolve virtually. The best part of virtual breastfeeding support is that parents take a very active role in their lactation care. 

Virtual Breastfeeding Support is fantastic for routine breastfeeding support like Prenatal Breastfeeding Visits, Back-to-work Breastfeeding Support, and Weaning Support, but also works well for many other breastfeeding challenges and concerns. 

When you make your appointment for Virtual Breastfeeding Support you will be sent a calendar invite and link for your call. Please arrive to the call about 5 minutes early to make sure any technical issues are resolved so the appointment can run efficiently. 

How much does a lactation consultant cost? 

The cost of breastfeeding support varies based off regional location, provider experience, education, and more. Our Current Breastfeeding Support Self-Pay rates are listed on our Breastfeeding Page.

Do you take insurance for lactation consulting? 

Little Bear Lactation is excited to announce that we are able to provide insurance-covered breastfeeding support. At this time we are accepting TRICARE East and Aetna plans. If your insurance does not work with us at this time, we recommend calling your insurance to advocate for special exception lactation coverage, and considering self-pay options including FSA/HSA. 

What region do you offer breastfeeding support? 

I am currently offering a limited amount of in-home breastfeeding support visits in the Wichita Falls, Texas area, including Sheppard Air Force Base. Telehealth option is always available for families all across the United States and home-office visits will be available soon! 

Service area includes Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park. 

Travel Fees May Apply.  

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