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Welcome, MamaBear! I’m Jaimie, and I’m so excited to support you on your journey through motherhood. From childbirth classes through breastfeeding support, I’m here for you! 

Currently offering Online Prenatal Classes and Virtual Support. 


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Congratulations on your growing family! Welcoming a new Little Bear can be both exciting and... nerve wrecking. Between societal myths about birth and breastfeeding, stigmas, and a World Wide Web full of conflicting opinions and information, this stage can be really challenging. Too many of us are stuck “learning the hard way”. 
This is where fear has space to set in. Childbirth is a miracle. You are helping to bring life into this world. You were designed for this. You were meant for this. You should not be afraid. But rather you should be confident that you are well prepared for whatever comes your way.

And I don’t want you to have to learn these motherhood lessons the hard way. You deserve to feel strong, fierce, and confident during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, even in the face of challenges. I can’t promise you any of this will be easy, but I can tell you it’s better with support. 

My goal is to create an online hub where you have access to information and support as you prepare to welcome your baby with confidence! 
Join me today to start your motherhood journey! 
Currently serving families virtually for prenatal classes, pregnancy support, and breastfeeding support. 
Very excited to start serving families in Wichita Falls, TX in Summer 2021! 
Frequently Asked Questions 
What is a doula? 
A doula provides support for your birth by preparing you for birth during pregnancy, supporting you throughout your labor, and offering postpartum support. Doulas are not medical professionals, however we offer informational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to the mother and her birth partner. We strive to work with your midwife, OB, and nurses to support a positive birth experience, but at the end of the day, we will always be on your side. As a doula, my goal is to prepare you to be a strong self advocate, remind you of these skills during labor, provide comfort measures and techniques, and teach your partner how to support you. 
What is a virtual doula?
Virtual Doulas provide support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum virtually. I personally do not offer virtual labor support packages often, unless strongly desired by the client. However, as a virtual pregnancy doula I will help you prepare for your birth by providing education, information, helping you prepare your birth plan, answering questions, practicing advocacy skills, and more. 
What is an IBCLC?
stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. It is the top-tier of breastfeeding support. As an IBCLC I counsel women on breastfeeding concerns prenatally and postpartum. I offer prenatal breastfeeding classes, and I offer breastfeeding troubleshooting support. As an allied health provider, I will assess your breasts, your baby's mouth, feeding techniques, weight, and more. Together we will brainstorm a care plan to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. For some situations I will refer to other specialty care providers as needed. 
I can support common to complex breastfeeding issues including but not limited to, painful latch, slow weight gain, low milk supply, oversupply, tongue and lip tie, clogged ducts, and more! 
How does a virtual lactation visit work? 
Virtual Lactation Support is ideal for someone who does not have access to a supportive, local IBCLC or who is not comfortable having people in their home/going to a clinic setting. We will still review your and your baby's medical history, review symptoms, I will ask many questions, I will use demo dolls and videos to counsel you, and I may even guide you through an exam on yourself or your baby. We will then work together to develop a care plan to reach your goals. Ultimately, virtual visits may have limitations, but most breastfeeding challenges can be successfully addressed virtually. 
Do you offer in person visits? 
When my family is settled in Wichita Falls, Texas, I will begin offering in person visits to local families on a limited basis. I will begin booking virtual and in person clients again in July 2021. 
What kind of classes do you offer? 
I offer online childbirth education and online breastfeeding classes on demand. In August 2021 I will be launching LIVE virtual birth and breastfeeding classes. I will also offer classes on introducing solids, weaning, newborn care, and more. 
How does photography fit in? 
Birth Photography goes hand in hand with labor support, and many families end up wanting Maternity and Newborn pictures as well. As a photographer who also specializes in perinatal support, it just made sense to blend the two together. When I can provide both support and photography services to my clients, it often helps families to feel a little more comfortable because we have an established relationship and it's one less person they need to coordinate with and welcome into their sacred space. 

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