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Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby....

all your questions answered! 


Hey, there! My name is Jaimie Zaki and I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and mom of 5 kiddos. My mission is to support you through your breastfeeding journey, inspiring you to confidently advocate for yourself and your baby. 

After experiencing a lot of confusing information, misinformation, and downright gaslighting of my breastfeeding goals and challenges when my oldest child had a tongue tie (even from trusted healthcare providers), I vowed to myself I’d never let another mom go through what we went through.

Then I had four more tongue tied breastfed babies and helped a lot of other moms who wanted to breastfeed their tongue tied babies… and I learned more than I ever thought possible about how to improve breastfeeding when your baby has a tongue tie. 


Of course I can’t save the whole world, but if I can help ONE mom not go through what I went through, I count that as a win. 

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

That’s why I created Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby (an e-course all about tongue-tie!)… so you have a strong base knowledge to be able to confidently advocate for yourself, your baby, and your feeding goals.

Inside of Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby you will learn: 


  • What a tongue tie is 

  • How we identify tongue ties 

  • Why your doctor might have gotten it wrong when they said your baby doesn’t have a tongue tie (but you knew they did)

  • The impact of tongue tie on breastfeeding and the long term impacts of tongue tie on the body and brain 

  • How a tongue-tie savvy IBCLC can help guide you through the tongue tie release process 

  • Why tongue tie release is more than just a 30 second procedure, but rather a multi-week process 

  • How to improve the likelihood of positive outcomes after tongue tie release

  • Common concerns and questions about tongue ties 

  • How to vet IBCLCs, Chiropractors, and Release Providers to create a strong team to help you on this journey 

  • My top tips on how to keep breastfeeding while waiting for tongue tie release surgery 


Basically, you’ll learn everything you need to know BEFORE scheduling a tongue tie release so you don’t end up regretting it later… 


If this sounds like the kind of Tongue Tie & Breastfeeding resource you’ve been looking for I want you to know that I want to help! 

Check out the Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby exclusive online community! 

When you join BYTTB e-course, you'll be welcomed into the BYTTB Online Community where you can connect with other moms walking this path alongside you. Community Support can help you have more positive outcomes when navigating breastfeeding challenges! 

Join Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby to learn how you can overcome Tongue Tie and reach your breastfeeding goals! 

Enrollment - $47 

Use code BYTTB50 for 50% off through September 25th! 

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