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Whether you're a first time mom with no experience giving birth or a rockstar MamaBear looking for a healing birth experience, you're probably feeling some stress from fear as you prepare for birth. 

Fear that you aren't strong enough

Fear that something bad will happen. 

Fear of not being in control

Fears that you don't want to say out loud

I see you, Mama Bear. 


You are not alone.



"Jaimie was a game-changer for my birth! ...She is a fierce advocate of knowledge and support... As an experienced birth doula myself, I can say confidently that she is one of the best. Thank you Jaimie for your unconditional support, patience, and love."  

 Can I tell you a secret? 
...I never took a childbirth class... and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. 
I did not know as much about giving birth as I thought I did. 
I didn't know how to advocate for myself in hard situations. 
I didn't understand the options available to me. 
Being unprepared set me up for a traumatic birth when the curveballs started flying. 
You deserve better than that. 
You deserve to welcome your baby with
unshakable confidence.

Birthing With Confidence 2.0 was created with mothers like you in mind!

When you enroll in Birthing With Confidence, you’re not just taking a childbirth class, you’re preparing your heart, mind, soul, and body for welcoming your baby. The skills you learn in this course extend beyond childbirth and will transform you as a person and as a mother.

Plus you’re getting expert guidance

Birthing With Confidence 2.0 was created by a Mother, Certified Doula, and Lactation Consultant, which means the course is curated to support your needs from a unique perspective. 

After completing Birthing With Confidence 2.0 at your own pace, you will be armed with  a strong knowledge base, resources, self advocacy skills, and a birth plan your provider actually wants to read!  


  • Develop Self Advocacy Skills  & Learn to write a good birth plan

  • Lifetime Access to 8 Childbirth Prep Modules 

    • Module 1 - Addressing Perceptions of Childbirth 

      • Learn how to identify and overcome fears and stressors surrounding birth​

    • Module 2 - The Anatomy of Pregnancy & Birth

      • Learn exactly what your body will be doing and how you can work with your body to support it's design ​

    • Module 3 - Progression of Labor 

      • Learn what to expect from the "average" labor progression, how to know you're in labor, and more!​

    • Module 4 - Coping with Labor 

      • Learn comfort measures to help you labor at home longer, cope with an unplanned undmedicated birth, or cope with a poorly working epidural​

    • Module  5 - Common Interventions & Decision Making 

      • Learn about the medical intervention options available to you, the benefits and risks, and make decisions before and during labor​

    • Module 6 - Cesarean Birth  ​

      • Expect the unexpected: Learn the basics of what to expect during a Cesarean Birth and options that may be available to you ​

    • Module 7 - Writing Your Birth Plan 

      • Learn how to create a birth plan that inspires a positive, autonomous birth experience and supports positive communication with your care team​

    • Module 8 - What to Expect Postpartum

      • Everyone's postpartum is unique, just like everyone's birth is unique. But there are still some things moms say "no one ever told me" or that we just don't consider as we focus on preparing for birth. ​

      • Resource list for managing postpartum mood disorders 

  • Downloadable Workbook ​

  • Interesting resources that relate to each module (Professional practice guidelines, important studies, etc)  

Value: $245

Plus a special bonus module! 

  • Bonus Lifetime Access to Breastfeeding With Confidence 

  • Breastfeeding Downloadable Resources 

Value: $95 
free when enrolling in Birthing With Confidence 2.0



So what’s the investment, Jaimie?
I get it. Babies are expensive. You need to save some cash where you can! 

That’s why when you enroll by March 1, 2021 you will get 50% off the enrollment fee! 
You will get access to Birthing With Confidence 2.0 + Breastfeeding With Confidence,
a total value of $320 for just $112.50
Access to Childbirth Class will be granted on March 15, 2021. Parents will get immediate access to the Mama Bear Resource Library and Breastfeeding With Confidence Modules
BirthWithConfidence Part1.jpg
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