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VBAC with Confidence includes access to: 


  • Birthing With Confidence 
    • Covers how birth works, how to work with your body during birth, birth options, creating a birth plan, decision making, labor positions, comfort measures, and more 
  • VBAC with Confidence
    • Answers most common VBAC questions and prepares you to advocate through common challenges faced by moms planning a VBAC 
  • Breastfeeding With Confidence 
    •  *Coming Soon* Breastfeeding With Confidence is a Breastfeeding Class that covers breastfeeding Basics. 


PLUS an online resource library that is regularly updated 




After placing your order, you will be able to download a PDF with your course access information.


If you have any questions or concerns about your order please send an email titled ORDER #***** QUESTIONS to and you will receive assistance within 24-48 hours M-F. 

VBAC With Confidence

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