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Free Breastfeeding Resource Library 

image of mother breastfeeding infant text says access free breastfeeding class access now

Access Free Breastfeeding Basics Class now! Learn the basics of breastfeeding to feel more confident in your breastfeeding journey! 

mother breastfeeding baby guide to breastfeeidng your tongue tied baby

Download your FREE copy of Breastfeeding Your Tongue Tied Baby: A guide to understanding tongue tie identification and management. 

Get all of your tongue tie questions answered in one place and learn the next step toward reaching your breastfeeding goals, despite tongue tie.


Insurance Covered Telehealth Breastfeeding Support by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

- Private Breastfeeding Classes 

- Breastfeeding Troubleshooting (low supply, poor latch, slow weight gain, etc.) 

- Back to work consultations 

- Weaning Consultations 

And more! 


Suspect a Tongue Tie, but not too sure? Check out the free Parent Administered Tongue Tie Assessment Tool to see if your baby has red-flags for tongue tie! 

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