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Six Great Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

baby shower gifts for breastfeeding moms

If you have never breastfed before, odds are you aren’t really sure what to expect. When I was planning my baby shower for my first Little Bear, and made my registry list, I registered for a bunch of feeding supplies I didn’t need or use. I didn’t receive half of what I needed or wanted to make breastfeeding a little easier. I laugh when I think about it, because as dedicated and educated as I thought I was about breastfeeding, I didn’t know a damn thing. Thankfully one experienced mama friend shopped off registry for me and got me the one gift that changed my life. That gift was the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I now recommend that book to all new moms! I call it my “Breastfeeding Bible”. I honestly could not have reached my breastfeeding goals without it.

This post goes out to anyone wondering what to register for, or to anyone shopping for a new mom!

There are so many great ideas for gifts, this list compiles some of my favorites and what I wish I had when I started out!


1. Breastfeeding Attire

Breastfeeding clothes are not a necessity by any means. In fact, I don’t own many “breastfeeding clothes”. But I stalk many breastfeeding clothing brands and would love to have more. This would make a great gift for a mom because it’s not something she’s likely to buy for herself, or even ask for. It’s totally possible to nurse comfortably without specialty clothes, but some of these items would make things a lot more convenient, especially when babywearing! Shirts and dresses and sweaters aside, a good nursing bra is a must! I love Leading Lady nursing bras, personally! They are so comfortable and their company is just awesome overall. Leading Lady is so supportive of breastfeeding mothers that I can’t help but love the company. 2. Earth Mama Angel Baby EVERYTHING

Okay, I absolutely adore Earth Mama Angel Baby products! They’re safe for baby and the company is just awesome as a whole. They have all kinds of great products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, and baby. If I could do it over again, Earth Mama products would make up at least half of my registry!

3. Brestriend Nursing Pillow

There are many nursing pillows on the market… they’re not really “necessary” since you could essentially use any pillow out there. But a contoured pillow is certainly nice to have! I like this brand for a few reasons. Brestfriend has some pretty cool features, like their pockets to keep essentials close while you’re nursing. I also love this company, because unlike some of their competitors, Breast Friend is WHO code compliant, which means they uphold international marketing standards to support breastfeeding mothers. 4. Bamboobies

Nursing pads are a must in the early days, at least. You leak. You leak a lot. I tried a bunch of brands and while, personally, they all leaked through eventually, Bamboobies held up to a strong, surprise letdown the best. Plus they were super duper comfortable and adorable.

5. Books

I obviously referenced The Womanly Art earlier, and how much I love this book. There are a ton of books out there for breastfeeding mothers, some better than others. You can check out a list of some of my favorite books for expecting moms here. There are many, many more that I could suggest, but there’s only so much time in the day. Maybe one day I’ll compile a full list of all of my favorite resources…

6. Breastfeeding Basket

If you want to gift a nursing mom something really thoughtful, you could compile a breastfeeding basket. Snacks, information, resources, and some self care items go a long way for any new mom, especially one who is trying to navigate and establish breastfeeding.


What gifts do you wish someone had given you to make your nursing journey a

little bit easier?


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