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Breastfeeding Classes, Maternity Photography, and so much more!

It has been a BUSY spring over here! Between personal travels to Disney World (MAGICAL!) and business decisions, I've been a busy Mama Bear. But aren't we all? I'm really excited to announce a couple of things though!

First of all, Little Bear Birth Services' prenatal breastfeeding Healthy Start: Breastfeeding 101 ONLINE course is available at a special presale rate! Additionally, I have one LIVE date booked with Miraculous Moments in Tom's River, NJ. I'm really excited to work with Mandie and the awesome team of educators and supporters she is building. I'm also working on another deal to bring these classes to families in the Collingswood, NJ area and South Philadelphia. What's so special about this breastfeeding class, though? Well simply... it's created by me! It's not a routine hospital course squished into an hour with a nurse who may have little practical experience teaching at you. This is an interactive course designed by a MOM first, lactation professional second. This class is geared toward educating expecting parents AND their support person! Moreover, the LIVE class is the perfect opportunity to start building your support network of other mothers! Students and Little Bear clients will have also have exclusive access to a VIP Facebook group for support and resources.

Shifting gears a bit.... I did my first maternity session in a while... For some reason, I love the thought and idea of capturing the Beauty of a Pregnant Mama Bear. But the couple of maternity sessions I did in my early days were enough to leave me insecure in my ability to do a mama justice. I got brave. I solicited for a pregnant model. And I got this....

So needless to say, I'm really excited to work with more expectant families to prepare for their baby with education and by capturing their sheer beauty. Even more exciting, I'm offering a special May Deal for families who book Maternity & Fresh 48 Sessions at the same time! You can save 30% off! Following families through this journey is such an honor, and I'm really excited to work with you, if you'll have me... I'm really excited for what Summer has to bring. I'm hoping to get the childcare arranged to book a birth soon. Will you help me find someone who is looking for a Doula or Birth Photographer? I'd so appreciate you sharing all of these new adventures with your friends and family. I'm positive someone in your life can benefit from the services I provide. The best part? If you're not local to New Jersey (or even NY, PA, MD, and DC) you can take advantage of my free online resources!

Read about my favorite Welcome Home Baby Session here!

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