My experience with Castor Oil for labor induction at 38 weeks pregnant | Natural Labor Induction

Castor Oil for Labor Induction

Okay so we all know by the end of pregnancy you're probably trying to find natural labor induction methods for a variety of reasons. Even knowing that nothing is proven to be totally effective, it's hard for even me to not entertain the idea.

I shared my recent experience of false labor with ya'll. And one of the things I did to try and get things going was something I never thought I'd do.

I drank castor oil to try to induce my labor.

As the story goes, we believed my water had broken. I was contracting frequently but not effectively, and contractions had a very odd start and stop pattern. However, it was not dissimilar from my previous homebirth labor experience so we thought it was the real deal. After over 36 hours of start and stop "labor", I talked with my support team and decided to try castor oil to get things moving and grooving.

Some of the common concerns with castor oil can be explored in this blog post, but basically, many moms report nausea and diarrhea (it is a laxative), which can cause dehydration. Additionally there are concerns about castor oil possibly causing the baby pooping in utero (meaning meconium present in fluid) which can sometimes increase neonatal risks. You can read more about Castor Oil for Labor Induction here. So why did I take these risks? Well, I had tried everything else, and I was concerned about having prolonged rupture of membranes. The other option was going to the hospital for induction. I decided to take the risk... and guess what happened?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened for hours. And then I pooped my guts out.

And contractions STOPPED.

As I was not having signs of infection and seemed to stop leaking fluid, I decided to give it one more night to see if anything happened. Ultimately, I'm 39 weeks pregnant now... and fluid levels are great, baby is great, and besides being miserable, I'm technically great too.

So would I take castor oil again...? Given the situation, knowing what I know.... Maybe. In a situation where it's between castor oil and necessary medical induction, personally I would definitely opt to try the castor oil first, assuming I tried everything else there is to try. Would I recommend it to anyone? I never recommend any intervention without a discussion with your provider... but my recommendation would be that you only try it as a "last resort" option and understand it may not work at all. Castor Oil remains totally controversial. I've had clients opt for castor oil with both good and bad experiences. I know there is a lot of chatter these days after a certain birth story went viral about castor oil being a terrible recommendation. I really don't think it's a "bad recommendation". I think just like any other intervention or medication, it's important to consider the pros and cons and make a decision that is best for you. Will I try castor oil again in this pregnancy? As of right now, I have no plans to try castor oil again unless I'm actually extremely constipated and all else fails... and that's unlikely.... but if I do and if labor starts as a side effect, I'll take it. What are you thoughts and experiences with Castor Oil for Labor Induction? Share in the comments below!

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I drank castor oil to induce my labor at 38 weeks pregnant

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